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I feel like my brain is going to burst out my ears in a gushy allergic reaction to the lack of things to do. I'm at work right now, and will be here for another four or five hours. My boss has this week off, so she left me a list of things to accomplish while she is gone ... and I finished all of them yesterday. I'm currently trying to occupy myself by putting together random "back to school" themed illustrations for the next issue, but they're just not interesting enough to keep me focused. (Did learn a few new Photoshop tricks, though.) I'm also spoiled and refuse to go file or do any other office druge work unless my boss herself asks me, so I'm stuck up on the third floor by myself. D'rrr ... gone too braindead to draw. I can make clipart in five minutes or less, it's really easy and mindless.

I'm gonna get the envelope in the mail to ye tomorrow, ecindery. I actually have an envelope to get to you now.

LJ keeps flurfing out on me. My shoulder is being a pain in the arse today too.

Apparently a coworker always thought that I was a music major, because I tend to sing/hum/make noise whenever I am here. Right now I feel like standing up, holding my hands near my ears, swaying from side to side, and every so often, abruptly poking at something in the air. When I was little I used to run around like a carnivorous dinosaur. Jurassic Park scared me, though.


They hid the keys from me, so I can't unlock the camera and go take pictures. Perhaps that's for the best, right now I'm getting kind of sick of taking pictures of this place, feeling like I'm repeating the same old shots over and over. I wanna use the word "gesticulate." Maybe I should think about being a writer of some sort instead of a graphic artist. Or something. It's really difficult to keep my mind on a single track right now. (This is attempt 2 at posting.)

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