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So yeah, did I mention I'm a dork with fabric? erikadoor already knows this quite well, given how I tied the lining of my priestess dress around my head for a pirate bandana and then later wondered what the hell I had done with it. I've currently got like, a yard of some furry stuff draped over my head and I'm hopping around my room pretending to be a snow monster.

God, I love being a dork. Life would be so boring otherwise.

Yesterday, I learned what non-turkey basting is.

I can't find my straight pins. How do I lose a box full of sharp pointy objects?? Why haven't I stepped on it yet? [Edit: Found, and not by attempting to have a foot in the same place where pins take their picnics.]

... I think I've figured out how to do this part ... I call my once-a-test-subject-now-a-modern-art-piece "Untitled." My goal is to finish the overskirt (add fur trim) and the dress (make and add new straps) tomorrow. I think it's quite doable. After that, it's ARMOR TIME.

When this green fabric frays, it acts like plastic Easter grass and looks like ants. It's impossible to catch all the little bits and pieces, and they turn up wherever you don't expect and wherever they damn well feel like. Ya put on a pair of khakis and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT oh wait it's just those fabric orphans. But it LOOKS and FEELS good (trimming bits and escaped frays not included). I may know little else, but I am a MASTER of texture. SO YARRR.

So the other day I was really itching for a new book, but to my dismay discovered that Kroger's novel selection is no equal to their selection of breakfast cereals. My desperation was such that today I hitched a ride with a coworker's daughter out to the mall to obtain a book. Fortunately she was quite patient with me, for I took a long time to decide ... I said to myself "only one book!" and I intended to stick by that. It just had to be the best choice given the parameters I had set! She kept on trying to convince me to read "White Oleander" or "Mein Khampf," but those were not tripping my trigger and thus I pranced around for awhile and chose something else. She claimed to care little about what others thought of her, apparently I care even less ... I was the only one of us doing a little dance in the store.

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