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This week, the housekeeping crew has developed a most peculiar habit of starting at 8:30 in the morning, and this process includes a lot of banging/knocking on doors and vacuum cleaners. I sound like a frog when I wake up all paranoid and croak "hello?" as they try to unlock my room. I think they must sense the doom behind the thin wood, for after that they usually retreat. They have not yet stepped into my lair filled with boobytraps of papier-mache and fabric paint, but I still feel that it would be in the best interests of all parties to leave me the hell alone until around ten o'clock.

The guy at the Chinese place has my favorite order memorized.

A night or two ago, there was evidently some drama going down in the dorm. I heard this absolutely titanic door slam, and then this guy (he's gotta have absolutely amazing vocal cords) started spitting out profanity at the top of his lungs. He went down the hall slamming every door that wasn't already closed, and then down into the basement (I could still hear him). It was the most exciting thing that's happened here in awhile. /pif

After the wire fiasco (I've got this lovely bruse where I stabbed myself), papier-mache is a rather soothing activity. My solution has a consistency similar to glaze (though it isn't as cold), and it's one of those happily messy things. When it dries on you, you get this coating that looks like a skin disease. It's great.

Since the wire frame for the top part/shoulders was incapable of standing on its own at first, I fashioned a weirdarse "dummy" to tie it to until it gains layers and strength enough to mess around with. (I took the remaining roll of chickenwire, turned it on its end, and used an old sheet I smuggled from home to give it a width more similar to mine.) Now that it's not such a plain skeleton, it's starting to look better. I've got a lot of building up to do this week (particularly in the chest area, hah hah) to make it look more even. I still feel anxious, though, and I need to buy paint when I get home. I'd rather be working on that right now than being at work ... but what can you do. *_*;

[Edit: Aww, dang. My boss' secretary is staying late today, this means I can't escape a little early to check my mail.]

Parsley is almost level 65 now ... almost to a Fin Helm! I can't wait 'til the new headgears come, I want the dead fish one. HAHA. Bad idea just kicked in: maybe if I have time I should find a stuffed fish and wear that on my head at Otakon. /gg I have my pseudo-Sweet Gent/Romantic Gent ... I left the rest of my headgear at erikadoor's place. Oops. o_o

I must curb this snacking habit.

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