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Chaotic Con Report Part Oneish

On Thursday, I prepared for the trip by condensing from four suitcases into two, plus my Skuld staff and a large garbage bag full of carefully arranged armor pieces. We picked up our rental car (it turned out to be an SUV instead of a sedan, a happy accident which was most handy for packing purposes).

We drove, drove, drove, and got there later than anticipated, but that was okay. Despite the heat, we got every bit of luggage (except for my fedora) out of the car, everyone together, and everything more or less sorted out. Also rooming with the Pittsburgh group was my pal hanatenshi (a friend from ye olde days of AGV) and hypertechie.

We walked to the preregistration line, fearing its length but finding that it wasn't as bad as last year's, mostly because we had gotten to Baltimore much earlier this time around. I was not paying attention, and ran like the dickens past Mike and Greg 'til Mike caught my attention, whereupon I ran back, gave him a hug, and then dashed off to our spot at the end of the line.

I got my badge hella quickly thanks to an error in processing and ngmaster's aid. After that, he and I discussed some photoshoot arrangements for the weekend, got lost attempting to find my hotel, and wound up back at the con center because he had a meeting to attend and I found the area rather creepy at night.

I think I ran into ladyaltara at this point, because I recall going with her and her family to their hotel to pick up my pointy stick for Leaf. I must've, yes, because after that I sat in the hotel lobby for awhile until my roommates walked over 'cause I refused to walk back to our hotel alone.

hypertechie and I unpacked our costume stuff into the spacious closet area that our room had. I discovered that my phone went into roaming when in the closet (and only in the closet). This is where (for me at least) Thursday night began to get really interesting. As I located all the types of velcro in my collection, she and I began the final preparations for my Leaf armor.

The result of several coats of latex paint was an armor that was oddly flexible despite its crunchy base (this enabled it to survive the trip so unprotected). I thought this was going to be a boon, as over the construction phase it had gotten rather deformed and no longer fit my figure as it once had as a mere wire frame. We thus attempted to pull it tight and secure it with super-ultra industrial strength velcro.

This is the point where I looked in the mirror, and thought, "... shit."

The velcro decided that it didn't want to hold, and I thought, "... SHIT."

We put the velcro back, but by this point that thought was firmly embedded and could not be erased. The more I looked at the armor on my figure, the less I liked it, and the more I felt like I was wearing something really stupid, or something a random first-grader had made during crafts hour. The outfit was so much cuter without the armor that had the visual effect of adding weirdarse pounds and inches to my frame. I got incredibly peeved that something I had spent so much time on was not cooperating with me as it should.

I knew what I had to do, but I also knew that if I did not give a damn good reason not to wear it, people would say that I should. To me, the fact that it looked so bad on me was reason enough to hide it forever, but to others, it would have to be made completely useless. To them, I should wear it because I had spent so much time on it! Despite agreeing that a lot of time and effort had gone into the damn armor, I couldn't quite explain how the idea of wearing it in public repulsed me, so, I had to resort to drastic measures.

I sat on my armor.

When that didn't fracture it as much as I had hoped it would (damned flexibility!!), I hugged the pieces until the outer coats snapped, and then I stomped on it. Now NOBODY could argue with me when I said that I didn't want to wear it!
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