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My mother and I arose early this morning to start removing the carpet from the guest bedroom. I never liked the color (a dirty "dusty" rose), and I always thought it was a pretty asstastic carpeting job, but after today, I know its true nature, right down into the plywood beneath.

It's so gross, no amount of profanity can describe it. Touching it makes you feel sticky and disgusting; the odor it has is intense and far from pleasant. (Too many years of woodchuck piss?) It's moldy and mildewy, the padding is stained through with spots and discoloration, the foam has gone gooey, and the wood beneath smells horribly. Thanks to routine dousing in liquid excrement over the years, the staples used to keep the padding down have rusted into the wood and are a pain in the ass to pull out.

Lifting a mere roll of this carpet makes me feel exhausted. It isn't heavy, it's not particularly cumbersome, but carrying it out to the curb leaves me feeling absolutely drained. Maybe it's the powerful stench of urine.

What the hell is this five keywords per icon rule?? DUDE. So I heard about it from aeromancy, but I noticed that my multiple keywords hadn't disappeared, so (of course, stupid me) I was like, "Well, I have a permanent account, perhaps that does not apply to me ..." Famous last words. When I added a few new icons, 48 keywords were gone with a single click! I'm still pretty peeved about that.

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