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I really need to write these up sooner.

A happy new RO Butt icon is here!

Friday's Quote: "Don't kill me! I don't wanna die in this outfit!"

On Friday, I arose very early in the morning for a photoshoot by ngmaster of my Priestess costume. Despite it only being around 8 a.m. when we started and around 9-ish when we finished, Baltimore was already broiling and as a result I think many of my expressions in the photos are ... dazed, to say the least. Despite the heat, there were some awesome moments on this shoot. I got to see the large fountain by the harbor in the process of filling up, and we also went to the very top of the Holiday Inn. We were allowed into the observatory and even onto the roof of the building. It was a really spiffy view of Baltimore from up there, let me tell ye! When you're where the bums can't reach you, Baltimore doesn't seem so bad.

After that, I changed into Skuld. I could've made my life a lot simpler by leaving her at home, but ... last year's Otakon was the first version of the costume, so this year's had to see the much-improved second (even if only for a limited time)!

After being Skuld for a few hours, the wig was starting to bug me and I just wanted to be out of costume. It took awhile for hypertechie and me to get back to the hotel to change, mostly because people kept stopping us for pictures, and because I kept on running into people I wanted to talk to. We finally made it to the Tremont, whereupon I ripped the layers and the wig off and rejoiced in the existence of air conditioning.

I donned a summer dress, my Farmiliar hat, and the spoils bag from Wind Waker that hypertechie made for me, as I was just not in the mood for costuming. I had wanted to wear my merchant at some point, but Logic pointed out that it was very layer-ful and also very wool-ful, and that Baltimore was like an oven.

Once back at the con center, I happily ran into many people that I had been searching for. While chatting with friends, a random guy came up, took a photo of the spoils bag, and left without saying a word. I went out to lunch with jezeroth and a couple of other friends who I don't think have LJs, though I may be wrong.

I visited the Baltimore area several years ago when I attended the NYLC conference, and ironically Otakon was at the same time that year. We ate lunch at the harbor area, and I remember being shocked to see cosplayers (I recall one was in an original white angel outfit, another was the dude in yellow from Ranma), and at the time I was incredibly pissed that there were people in costume and having fun while I was stuck in professional business attire.

At that time, we ate at a little seafood place, which I only remembered by the decor, the view, and the fact that our waiter had really long hair. I was super-excited to realize that years later, the four of us at this Otakon, were eating at the very same place! Indeed, we might even have been sitting in the same exact spot. TRIPPY.

After that, I went back to the hotel to change into (what remained of) Leaf. hypertechie and I spent quite a long time attempting to attach the elf ears to my head. This proved to be a surprisingly difficult process thanks to my rather small ears! By this point of the day, hair and tempers were turning quite spastic. So when we finally got the elf ears to stay on without being held, I looked in the mirror and was horrified. I promptly wailed "I LOOK LIKE A GREMLIN!!" Then one ear (perhaps insulted?) fell off. We put it back on. Then the OTHER ear fell off. We repeated this process for awhile, until I just got so peeved at being late that I said "FORGET IT" and went without.

We added some double-stick tape to help the bootcovers stay up and free of wrinkles, and it helped a lot. I was super-pleased to receive compliments on 'em ... I think they're the part that I am most proud of.

While walking in Leaf, I performed routine "butt checks" to make sure nothing was flashing, and I developed a habit of looking at myself in reflective surfaces to make sure all was well in the coverage department. After awhile, though, I stopped caring so much (I am wearing bloomers dammit).

I definitely had a few fanboy issues while in Leaf. For example, during the photoshoot with David, this guy came up and began offering photographic advice that David didn't really need. He kept on hanging about, too, and though harmless, it was kind of weird.

By the end of the night, I was super-tired and my feet were really really killing me. I sat on the floor at the area for awhile, and though I would've liked to stay longer and chat, I had the issue of getting back to the hotel to worry about. There was no way I was walking back on my own at night in Leaf ... I tried calling one roommate, but was unable to reach her. The other roommate with a cellphone was in a bar, so I thought that was probably not going to work out either (dear, did you know that you become very happy and enthusiastic when under the influence?). I knew that they could get back by themselves, but what about me? There was no way I could run if there was trouble. So I hung about, and thanks to sheer luck I ran into etoileeyes, and feeling very fortunate, I hobbled back with her.

And that was Friday.
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