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The day was sunny and I was attired (for reasons unknown) in my prom dress from my junior year of high school. He was also in this dream, though his clothing I cannot describe except in terms of color, candy apple red and bright yellow.

I seemed to take many risks in this dream. At one point, I decided to walk along a narrow ledge instead of on the walkway nearby, and some gentleman was flirting with me as I did so. This was where He entered into my dreams once again. He stopped me, and it turned out that he was some sort of authority, and as such, he had a right to know why I was there. When I began to explain, the day was beautiful and my mind was not particularly concerned, so I had a roundabout way of expressing myself. To that, he said "I don't recall giving you permission to speak to me so familiarly," a cool statement reminding me of where I stood.

I could do nothing but raise my eyebrows at that. "I guess I'll go inside, then," I concluded.

Apparently, there was a new educational system in place where one had to find and stick with a certain subject and just that one. Once you found an activity you were interested in, there was the matter of the complicated application system to go through (if your scores were not "satisfactory," you failed and had to find another).

The group I ran into first was "swimming," where clearly none of us were prepared for this new method. Everyone was in the water in their expensive prom dresses, grouped up at one end looking rather bewildered and cold. I shrugged and jumped in, crinolines and all, but eventually I got tired of this stupidity and got out.

I wandered for a bit until I met a professor of mine, and I proceeded to explain to him in most profane terms just how idiotic I thought this whole affair was. He shrugged and said there was nothing he could do about it, and he gave me a catalogue of the different categories I could resign myself to. He told me to look for something that interested me. I was like, "most of these look like *bleep*. Well, fine, can I *bleep*ing apply for the *bleep*ing sewing class?? At least I can keep my *bleep*ing hands *bleep*ing busy and *bleep*ing learn new things, you don't *bleep*ing learn anything in *bleep*ing 'swimming.' Whose *bleep*ing stupid idea was this anyway??"

That day ended.

My sister and I were walking towards school (I in an entirely peevish mood, still hating to be restricted to any one thing). I noticed that He was escorting us to the institution, as I seemed to have become extremely notorious for not wanting to behave as I should. Without much warning, he turned around and he and my sister began kissing! Apparently he had long had a crush on my sister, and though she was not interested in him, she was more than pleased to go along with this sudden public display of affection. I was absolutely horrified and stalked off towards school.

It seems that afterwards, my sister felt extremely guilty. The dream followed her for awhile as she went to find a way to erase her woes. She went to commit suicide in an abandoned train station, but I had heard of her intentions and confronted her to force her to change that plan. She ran from me, and encountered the devil (who had, peculiarly, taken the form of an overweight but kindly-appearing janitor). She realized that she had gone down one flight of stairs too many and could not get out. She felt desperate, but too exhausted to go one up. He told her to wait. Then he thought for a bit, destroyed one by one the three doors in the wall that had prevented her way forward, and looked to her. She fled.

Meanwhile I was back at school, attempting to get the hell out of there. I interrupted the sewing class's little display of the stupid vests they had made by running through. The teacher chased me down, giving me one hell of a verbal whiplash for being so rude. "I'm sorry," I explained over and over again. "It's a real emergency, my sister's trying to kill herself and I have to go stop her!"

The teacher eventually decided that I was telling the truth, but realized that because of my reputation, I would need help in getting out of the school. She recruited two of her sewing girls to be a distraction to Him, so I could sneak out along the parapet and jump down to the sidewalk. As they held his attention, I successfully escaped.

Meanwhile, my sister was running through houses and backyards. She got to one which was very overgrown, and as she looked at the fantastic collection of clutter and weeds, she realized that she could never get out that way. She went to the closest door (which turned out to be on the side of the house), wanting to escape before the owner realized that she was there. As she crept along the foundation, she was forced to carefully pick her way over a lawnmower which had fallen into disrepair and into a ditch carved by rainwater. All around her there were jugs filled with rotten milk and plastic grocery bags full of tomatos in various states of decomposition ... even those that seemed somewhat fresh had an unhealthy greenish cast to them. It was a cold moment for her when she realized that the owner of the small brown house would never realize that she was there, because he had died long ago.

What happened after that, I do not know, for I awoke!
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