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The Geeked Avenger!

I felt quite dorky when I realized that Spackle reminds me more of the cartoon Freakazoid than anything else (despite the amazing amounts of home improvement shows we watch here). Does anyone else remember the Hall of Spackle?

When we were out running errands today, we passed a road named "Drury Lane." I immediately turned and asked my mother if she knew the Muffin Man. She gave me the "WTF" look, so, I had no choice but to recite the poem. She remembered it but still thought I was being odd, so I told her that if she could be enthused with the blue sky on a Chicago visit, then I could very well ask her if she knew the Muffin Man!

I feel like a cosplay dork, because in an antique shop, I discovered a small batch of vintage patterns, and I bought one to modify into a costume that didn't come into existence 'til over twenty years after the pattern's date.

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