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gotta fight the senioritis

It's odd ... the past two consecutive days, I've doodled the same "character." This isn't the first time this has happened, but it seems different. Neither of these days have seen my best doodles, but each of them call to me despite their flaws ... somehow, this one character has an unexplained charisma. Her expressions look to me. I know it's going to be her when I start drawing ... I recognize her before she takes shape. When I think of her, I feel the strength of her off-balance features. Her jaw is long, her bottom lip is always wide, and her gaze is firm and constant regardless of direction. She's ... cool.


One problem about having so little space between the desk and the bed is that I am constantly running my feet into both articles of furniture, which usually hurts like all hell (and reopened the blister of DOOM yesterday). Ow.


Cross the street, get a conspiracy theory?

Random Guy: Is this your freshman year ...?
Me: (thinking what the hell) No, I'm a senior!
Random Guy: So when are you graduating?
Me: (thinking please, let traffic clear) December!
Random Guy: I hope you graduate!
Me: (thinking WTF? What kind of student do you think I am?) Oh, I will!! ::quickly crosses street::

I swear to God, people, I'm not a freshman! ... and does he know something I don't know? Is the registrar going to change requirements at the last minute? I bet he works for ... "them." That teal polo shirt must be a mark of their organization!


I picked up a packet on the GREs yesterday afternoon, and discovered that the deadline is actually quite near, so I know I'll probably be filling out forms this weekend. I also realized once again that standardized testing nauseates me. I dread filling in mind-numbing bubbles, strongly disagree with the concept of evaluating people on a numerical scale, and am completely repulsed that there are companies who make profits off these shitty ideas.

I'm also pretty pissed off at people who make attempts to regulate/moderate morality through inane rules.

Also, don't lecture me on how to run my group. I'll take suggestions, I'll work with other people, but I don't want to be forced to attend your stupid seminars that make me feel like my intelligence is regressing with every activity you plan.

My club is strictly extra-curricular with no emphasis on community service; we are devoted to bringing together the seemingly far-flung fans of entertainment like anime, video games, bad movies, fantasy, sci-fi, and roleplay. I believe that the group has the right to choose their activities. As we are interested in having fun, I refuse to dictate to them what they should be doing. If, and only if, the group wishes to participate in your damned Fall Family Weekend, I will register us for the event. Since no one could think of a way to demonstrate what we are about without electricity (we're geeks, sorry), and no one seemed really interested in the event in the first place, I will use my position and my skills support that choice. I will look towards furthering projects that the group is cares about.

I don't ever want to see you raising your eyebrows at my people, saying it's sad how none of them are interested in sitting in the sun for five hours. I'm well aware that we aren't your ideal citizens, but I will fight any attempt to reform us. Change will happen, and the organization will grow and mature without your uneducated meddling. You research your perfect people and their motivations, but you know very little about this fringe group. We will forever respond differently, and I never want to see that facet of us changed.

I am really irritated that you are demanding that a percentage of our membership participate in your stupidass leadership programs. It's true that since we are of such small numbers, one or two people would suffice. But it's the principle of the thing! Your programs have nothing to do with the purpose of our club. Members did not join so that they could attend your seminars, they joined so they could have Halo tournaments and Anime Nights with friends and fellow fans. Besides, most of these people are not leaders and have no interest in leading!


Ya know, I don't really like leadership positions. I don't really like following either, because I get bored. I suppose I'm best working on my own.

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