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11 September 2004 @ 09:36 pm

The computer at work is nearly fried with pop-up causing viruses and spyware. After winning two games of Solitaire to honor the beginning of this semester, I turned the poor thing off. If a computer had braincells, I imagine the structure of this one would look something like Swiss cheese, full of mysterious, strangely shaped holes. It could barely think through Google!

Since I did not have the computer to distract myself with, I sat down for those three hours and was actually productive. I'm going to have to do a presentation on a book later this semester, but despite my reputation as the Queen of Procrastination, I read a chapter of it right then and there! I realized that despite the interesting subject, the book is hellishly dry, and it will probably take me awhile to get through.

After that, I whipped out the dead sheet and started cutting out pieces for Fuu's armor skirt. I didn't quite finish, but I'm almost done with that, so tomorrow I'll cut out the remaining ones. I'll cut out the top, too ... and then pin it together, hoping for the best. If all that works out, I'll figure out a way to make the collar-thingie. I was very happy to really get that going.

A strange old gentleman visited the museum today ... he talked to me about school/graduating/schools, and all the while I got this sensation that to him, I was a "pretty little young thing" from days that he remembers fondly. When he left, he told me, "I'm proud of you, you have fun wherever you go."

... so the VCR on my TV is, apparently, broken. I am saddened, because my copy of Heroic Legend of Arislan/Arslan Senki is on VHS, and I think the DVD is out of production.

I haven't been able to log onto RO in a week. The patch server is slow and patches don't download correctly, and I can't get past the login server, which makes me suspect it may be something with my connection. It would not surprise me if my university managed to block it again somehow.

How can they call it "Tales of Symphonia" when the music is so ... well, bad?

I haven't really made up my mind whether or not I like it just yet.

I really like:
- Kratos (sexy guy in a funky purple cape-thing)
- Raine (super-awesome archeologist who lays down the smack)
- being able to change who you run around on the screen with
- the WONDER CHEF (and cooking)
- Lloyd's scarves
- the "gels," because they remind me of those little gelatin cups you could eat in a gulp, but they stopped selling 'em because some kid choked on one

I really hate:
- the music
- my total lack of money
- the fact that items are so stupidly expensive
- how you can only carry up to twenty of an item ... that is lame
- Colette, the heroine, for apologizing every other breath
- the fact that these Salvation Houses charge to sleep there
- how the ramshackle inn in Luin is 300 gald
- the term "gald"
- how there is no "cower in the corner" AI option for some characters

So, while on the Ossa trail, I thought it would be a smart idea to go into the mines. This is where I ran into a skull just hangin' out in a back room. I thought he was simply chillin' there by himself, so I had a little chat with him! He wasn't very sociable, though (he must've been hanging out in the corner by himself to angst), and so he challenged me to a fight.

After getting owned multiple times by a book in FFIX, I really should know by now that random talking objects that challenge me to a fight will kick my ass. But I gave it a go anyway, and got totally owned by this giant undead four-armed skeleton with four ouch-inducing swords.
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: "All Mixed Up," Red House Painters
ex_erikadoor819 on September 12th, 2004 02:23 am (UTC)
Go level on some Dragons outside Gizmaluke's Grotto, weenie. Zidane's Thievery does damage no matter what form the Tantarian is in, but you have to be a high level. Once I figured that out, it was three hits and bye-bye book.

Oh, and ever since I dl'ed Firefox, I haven't had a single pop-up....this thing is beautiful, and I love the tab browsing....

One Who Wanders: dweebabiona on September 12th, 2004 09:46 am (UTC)
XD Next time I play through, I will do that. XD ::hums songs::

It looks like our Umi may be back in action, providing she can find a wig at a price she likes. I will let ye know. o_o