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Despite not being "voluptuous," I'm going to have to make Sheena someday ... mostly because it's a pink and purple ninja outfit with a huge silly bow, and that rocks my socks. Though she's not my absolute favorite, I do like Sheena very much. The disappointing thing about her is that she can only summon when she's in the Over Limit mode, which is ... uh ... impossible to control, so summoning is pretty useless.

Now, onto the plot shit.

Since Sheena can only summon when in Over Limit, and since the wind elemental summon Slyph totally smacked me down, I decided I'd stop hopping around the world and finish the damn break-the-seals quest. (While I wish this quest involved snapping the spines of cute animals, it instead involves taking the Chosen around to various locations, fighting a big scary thing, and undergoing a similar cinema each time afterwards.)

Colette becomes an angel, meaning she basically turns into a soulless container for Martel's use. This is expected. Then Mr. Weird Angel Man (Ramiel) appears, also normal. His voice is oddly angry, and I knooooow something is up. It turns out that he is using Colette to gain favor with the higher-ups, hoping to become one of the Four Seraphim. This is inexcusable, of course, so my party administers the beatdown in a tough battle that leaves him dead and us severely wounded.

Now. A couple of days ago, I pointed out to nyxdae that somebody was going to leave my party soon, because the save menu was designed to display only a certain number of characters. According to the artbook, there are three more I have yet to meet, while the save menu only has space for two. So who would it be?

I predicted Kratos, mostly because he was my favorite. As I neared this point in the game, it became clearer that it would indeed be him for whatever reason ... he was acting oddly, and telling Noishe that the animal had to take care of Lloyd while he was gone.

I was right, but Lord, I was also so terribly wrong, and this is where the shit goes to high heaven. Kratos appeared, and everyone wondered why the hell he hadn't been helping in the smackdown. Then the not-quite dead Ramiel appealed to Kratos to help him!

So it turns out that Kratos was human, but is now an angel ... one of the Four Seraphim, no less. My first reaction was, "... shit." My second was that he looked damn awesome with wings.

The party was horrified of course, and a fight with Kratos began. He asked, "do you really think you can defeat me?" I considered the following:

- I have trained his abilities.
- I have outfitted him in the latest equipment.
- I have leveled him.
- I am already half-dead from the fight with Remiel.

... so, I screamed "SHIT!", hit the Pause button, and went to go get lunch.

Kratos defeated me quite quickly ... it was amazing how much Light Spear hurt when it was used on me. My reaction: "asdjkl;fasdfjkl;asdf"

But the horror is not over. Yggdrasil, the supreme angel dude, appeared before us in a white ass-clinging, gold-trimmed disco suit, and proclaimed that Cruxis and the Desians were one. That would've been insult enough for Lloyd, and I was already ready to call it quits at the Tower and go somewhere else for the time being. But no.

I had to *bleeping* fight him, after having just died to Kratos. This means 1 HP per party member, and almost zero TP since I had tried my damndest to live in the battle prior. So, no healing, no spells, no skills. I died again instantly. Response: "THAT WAS MOST INCREDIBLY SHITTY."

Then, after being beaten down to a pulp and smeared into the floor, the "Renegades" appeared and took Colette and the party away. (I think that Kratos, who likes Lloyd, let them do so ... he could've wiped the floor with us all again, but didn't.)

Then Raine began to analyze the situation. While I love Raine, I felt that her current take on it wasn't quite accurate. It is fortunate that no one was home to hear me screaming at the game.

Raine: First, our current situation.
Raine: When we were about to be killed in the Tower of Salvation ...

I must level. That disco suit ain't gonna be white when I'm through with him.

I hope something changes eventually ... Kratos really didn't seem the lackey type.
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