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On the Subject of Pants

I have long been a disciple of "comfort."

Once out of the nudeness of my birth, I stopped at nothing to achieve the ultimate state of ease. Could there be a state of existence where clothing equaled the comfort of that age-old "nothingness" ...? I am told that until I reached the venerable age of twelve, I refused to wear anything other than elastic-waist jeans. In subsequent years, I have gained much more world wisdom, and thus I appreciate many other types of fastenings.

I do not preach to others about what I have observed, but I try to live by it as best I can. Despite my resolve, I cannot be impervious to the world about me, nor can I ignore the gaping holes which develop in the jeans I most love to wear. It is thus that I venture into the world of commercial fashion to find something satisfactory.

In choosing clothing, I try my best to stick with my guns and fight against things that ride most uncomfortably up the arse. It is my belief that jeans are meant to be comfortable clothing in which one can go about business. We have strayed far from their original purpose as work clothes. Fashion history has taught me that someday, "waists" will not be exposing buttcracks. But as to when the future will bring the waist of jeans back up to meet the waist of a human ... that is not something I can know.

Current styles for women's jeans completely violate the concept of comfort in many respects. Due to the extreme tightness of the material and the excruciatingly low waist, pockets have become atrophied. They are useless versions of their former selves. Furthermore, if I wanted to worry about showing off my undergarments, I'd wear a skirt! It is far easier and much less constricting, yet accomplishes the same goal.

So what is a disciple of the comfy to do, when all about her are hip-huggers, flares, and simple bad fit? The solution is a very simple one: expand the horizon! Why should young women be limited to the Juniors section, where it is practically impossible to find jeans with pockets you can actually put things into?

It is thus that I crossed the aisle and chose to wear boys' jeans. When one compares comfort, pockets (in both depth and number), and weird little zippers and stuff, current boys' styles take a strong lead. I can only hope that in the future, feminine fashion realizes the benefits of more give in the seat.


I read whatever interests me in my spare time regardless of whether it is "light" or not, and so I'm often seen wandering around with books that are thicker (but strangely cheaper) than textbooks. Definition as seen here courtesy of Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

Main Entry: aman·u·en·sis
Pronunciation: &-"man-y&-'wen(t)-s&s
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural aman·u·en·ses /-(")sEz/
Etymology: Latin, from (servus) a manu slave with secretarial duties
: one employed to write from dictation or to copy manuscript

... somehow I feel like my "new words" are different than other people's "new words."

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