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Today on Sewing With Sakaki: Straight Pins!

My roommates and several of our friends have decided to make their own costumes for Halloween. As the quad where I live has the largest area available to us, everyone has moved their projects (and sometimes, the lounge table) into our main room. By my guesstimate, there are now five or six people attempting to make gowns of some sort in the same space. I can't quite tell. This living room is also occupied on a daily basis by one couch, one loveseat, one armchair, a kitchen table and chairs, a television, a mini-fridge, and an ironing board. This situation has allowed me to learn much more about other people's working habits than I ever, ever wanted to.

In the week that I spent with her last May, I think that erikadoor trained me well. Pick up after yourself. If the scraps are too small to be useful, toss them into the appropriate receptacle. Do not leave your patterns lying about aimlessly. Put your pins in something so you can find them again when you need them. Mess takes up space you could be working in.

This is not how the others operate, and I am just about ready to die. I am accustomed to mess, yes, but the current situation is just damn silly. Fabric of all dimensions and remnants is left wherever (one roommate was cutting out pieces in front of the door, and left it all right there in the middle of the process); random pattern pieces float about like falling leaves. Feathers have fallen out of their packages and the trash from yesterday's (and the day before, and the day before that) lunch hides behind plastic bags which spilled their contents looooong ago.

Another friend came down earlier today, wondering if he could work on whittling his walking staff while the others sewed. On the one hand, this is an improvement ... he has been burying himself so in homework and video games that we rarely see him. On the other hand, the amount of insanity in the common room has been pissing me off for awhile now, and I was under no circumstances willing to accept more. I lost my patience and snapped out a very brusque "No." He raised a plastic bag and said that he had come prepared to avoid making a mess!

In all honesty, I just about let him have it right then and there. Where the fork do you think you're going to whittle? Even if this place had room for it, there's no way in hell I'd let you. Whittle in your own damn room, in a woodshop, or outside. But instead of blurting all that out, I reiterated a simple "no," and left.

Why do I not wish to deal with splinters? You see, straight pins are everywhere, lying in wait to stab me, so what the hell do I need some wood slivers for? I don't want to increase the stabbination, since tempers are already so very tense!

Please, people, the couch is not a pincushion. I sit on the couch. The floor isn't a good place to leave straight pins either, because I do not wear shoes while at home. I've noticed that everyone's patience has grown very thin at this point ... I think all this trouble underfoot is related.

I can't tell them to clean it up, because they quickly respond with "Halloween is just a week away," which is indeed true. So I retaliate by "borrowing" a few straight pins every now and then ... in this madness, nobody will ever notice that they are gone. My collection grows larger every day. This is a good thing, because my initial supply seems to have consisted of absolutely weakarse straight pins. When used, they were more than happy to assume the shape of a miniature scimitar of sorts.

Because their debris is so widely tossed about the common room, I do not like to work in there, ever. I cart things with me to the museum where I work on weekends ... I imagine I create quite a picture. Fabric, scissors, box o' straight pins, and usually an iron wrapped in a towel are stuffed into a backpack already filled with books. Last weekend, I took my sewing machine with me too. But because I'm a novice, a Solitaire addict, and have so little time there, there's a limit to what I can do.

I'm just not going to finish Anna in time for Halloween ... I debated earlier about being super-ghetto and just wearing a short black dress I already own, regardless of the short sleeves on it. But then I realized, I don't have nearly enough wooden beads to finish Anna's necklace and bracelet. I bought Walmart out, and they still haven't restocked on the stupid things in the diameter that I want.

I'll have it finished before I see kurthy133 next, because I want to take pictures with her Jeanne ... but I have to be realistic, Halloween just isn't going to happen. I don't want to stress over something as easy as Anna.

I expect a lot of stress as October comes to a close. There are tensions building yet again within my club that I am going to have to straighten out for other people soon, I still am horrible at throwing on the wheel and thus avoid going there even though I know I should, and ... this mess. I don't think it'll be gone after Halloween, in all honesty.

Maybe I should just take all of their straight pins and hold them for ransom.

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