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04 November 2004 @ 12:23 am
I wanted to be near to him, but the strength of her anger physically repelled me. When I finally regained consciousness, I found myself lying in a shower stall. This fake-granite specimen was one among many, for the setup was for multiple people, much like a dorm. But I was the only one there.

Wait, why was I here? Him! Her! I couldn't just remain here, I had to save him!

The strongest image of this dream was that the zipper down the back of my dress was undone, and the side panels rested in large open ripples against my shoulder blades. I cannot recall the color or the texture of the fabric ... maybe the only thing that had a feeling was my pale, pale skin. The shower was running, and I was soaked through my skin, so wet that I hardly realized it ... "wet" had become "dry" because I had nothing to compare it to.

I had to save him! I arose and left the shower, running towards the mirrors. I realized that I was trailing a river from my open zipper, and I returned to the shower to wring the water out. I did not realize that I had to turn off the shower in order to accomplish this.

Why is it that I am so incapable of completing wheel throwing assignments?

I think I am too ready to point to my various weaknesses, and I use them as an excuse to escape from something that embarrasses me. I am always reminding myself not to let the clay control me as I try to shape it ... but my fear has not been held to that.

This situation simply will not do, for time is running out. Hence, today has marked the inauguration of the Throwathon. With tonight's practice, I can achieve a cylinder of seven or eight inches with a fair amount of ease (I have decided that I must currently forget about finesse and just work on doing). I plan on adding an inch to my ability each day, so that I can reach ten inches by Saturday night. Once that landmark has been passed, I can permit myself to begin the other projects.

Class finally gave me an excuse to start on that project of mine. The site is at a bare minimum right now, as I didn't want to take up too much space on the school server (which is where the class version is located). Now that it's on my own space, however, as time permits the content will be expanded! I'm almost inspired to revamp and revise Tropical Nights, haha.
Current Mood: tiredtired
aethene on November 4th, 2004 07:34 am (UTC)
That's a very nice icon, I must say. :o

P.S. Hi, Anne!
Auturgist: Me @ Kawisaki Cafeauturgist on November 4th, 2004 08:26 am (UTC)
I second that -- that icon is HOT! ^_^
One Who Wanders: sexyabiona on November 4th, 2004 02:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks guys. ^_^

And hi, aethene : P
(Deleted comment)
One Who Wanders: merchant buttabiona on November 4th, 2004 02:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you. : D
Liz: Me-cartoonyladyaltara on November 4th, 2004 01:56 pm (UTC)
I must also agree, that icon is hottt!
I even went to your website, cause I was like "Is that from a new costume??"
One Who Wanders: braindeadabiona on November 4th, 2004 02:52 pm (UTC)
Since I didn't finish Anna for Halloween, I borrowed clothes, accessories, and a wig from my roommates. I don't know what the hell it is, but since only three pictures exist and I didn't make it anyways, it'll probably never actually get put on my site. ^^;

It was fun to wear for a day, though. People thought I dyed/cut my actual hair, hahaha.
Lizladyaltara on November 4th, 2004 06:50 pm (UTC)
...it's still hot XD
Are you going to post any pics from Halloween? (unless you did already and I just missed it)
One Who Wanders: downcastabiona on November 5th, 2004 04:11 am (UTC)
The photo I got the icon from is the only one I plan on putting up anywhere ... in the other photos, I have glowing red eye of DOOM, and I'm too lazy to Photoshop 'em. XD;
Ng-Master.  I prefer Dave, David, or DN.ngmaster on November 4th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)
From reading the narrative and seeing the icon, I almost could envision the whole thing in my mind like an interesting Terry Gilliam or Tim Burton film... then I hit the clay.

As for the icon, I like it! It's really hot!
Gauzegauzey on November 5th, 2004 04:57 am (UTC)
I suck SO MUCH at wheel throwing. ::sympathy:: x__x I never did succeed, even crudely.