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these socks are subtle 'til you see my toes

After spending the first part of the week in a definite funk where "normal" somehow slipped into "bad" and what was originally "bad" somehow transmuted into something worse, I finally had a change of fortunes and mood.

Even with helpful tips and demonstration of technique, I was still unable to attain a properly constructed cylinder of required height. Feeling the weight of November and my frustrations, unable to bear my wheelthrowing incapability, and frankly bored of wheelthrowing, I finally overcame my fears and talked to my teacher about it. I was quite relieved to discover that despite the situation, he did not think of me as a bad student. He wondered if perhaps we should have gone on another track earlier ... but neither of us thought it was too late, something could still be done in the semester.

Now, I can handbuild things as I please. I have already finished forming two pieces, and have ideas for more that I probably could never have realized on the wheel. I'm also researching pit firing techniques and information ... we're going to try for interesting textures on decorative wares.

I have inadvertently scored major brownie-points by being the only student who showed up to help load and fire the kiln. This most recent firing taught me quite well how the weather can have immediate impact on how Larry the Kiln behaves. When we started the reduction phase as usual by pushing in the dampers a bit, we got very unusual results that had my panic side running in circles.

The entire room began filling up with gray smoke and fumes! Some buildup is expected, but what we got was crazy! The smell was so intense, theatre people and janitorial staff actually came out of the figurative woodwork and asked us if we smelled gas. They normally never talk to us!

The problem-solver within opened up the big loading dock door for air circulation, and I called every knowledgeable person I could think of. Unfortunately no one picked up. By stroke of luck, one other person in the studio knew of a name that I had forgotten, and the situation was, literally, cleared.

As it turns out, since it was cold and rainy (i.e., low pressure) outside, the chimney wasn't drawing as well as it would on a high pressure day, causing lots of the byproducts of the reduction phase to come out the top of the kiln, getting trapped in the room. Whoops.


I got an A on my art history midterm, and also aced my Italian vocabulary test.


Single sentence backstory: there's this cute freshman (tenor2, nice height) in my choir class.

There was "breakfast for dinner" the other day, and we wound up running into each other in a search for the maple syrup. (Actually, I knew where it was ...) He poured the syrup for me! How cute! I was thrilled. I fully regret that I looked really unappealing that day. I was all mousy in an extremely unflattering dull navy knit shirt (with clay on it, of course), a scarf, and my bat hat was falling down over my eyes.


We got new toilets in the dorm! This is very exciting news.


My roommate nyxdae is in the process of creating a music video for one of her classes. Since she needed bodies in trenchcoats, my other roommate and I volunteered to fill in the role of her "angels." Apparently, I looked so badass, I did not seem like myself.


After putting it off for two or three years, my father finally got me an appointment with an audiologist ... the first step to getting a hearing aid! I want one in purple.

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