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I feel as though something between my ears will cease to exist when I graduate. It's strangely difficult to envision a "me" without a school in the equation. School has dominated, created, and supported me. I don't know if I can function without school. What if school is my function?

I closed my account at the local bank, and realized how very little money I have left. The fact that I can hold it all in my hand is rather unsettling; my family wants me to be an "independent person" now that I have completed college, but how on earth am I supposed to procure shelter away from them with so little savings left?

I have a little list of cities and a little list of schools that I can't afford to visit. Would I like to leave home? Hell yes ... if three months over the summer spent alone in the Midwest can send me spiraling into depression, what will returning there in the winter, with no money, and people hounding me to get out, do to me?

It all starts tomorrow.

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