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January must be Anti-MMORPG Month

Do you know how long it takes to update FFXI on a dialup connection? This is both an actual and rhetorical question. I don't know, and the game has no clue either. "Time remaining: Unknown," it says. I think it's a mystery because no one other than myself (that I know of) has been as damn determined to give a bad idea an honest shot.

I really should check what these computers are actually equipped with ... I always automatically assume that because they're newer than 1998 and/or made in this decade, they're all cool. I attempted installing/updating/playing FFXI on my parents' computer as it is hooked up to DSL, but alas, after about ... what, was it six hours of updating? Seven? Something like that, though I'm not really sure because I fell asleep at about two in the morning. Anyway, I learned that FFXI doesn't work, and I assume the video card is the problem.

The config menu was blank (???), and PlayOnline was weirdly pixellated and awfully slow. Those really should've been hints, but I was damned desperate to make an awesomely cute TaruTaru white mage from San D'oria to stalk erikadoor with. ;_;

So yeah, I installed FFXI on Marvin, who is the newer of the two computers. The config menu is blank on him as well, but the PlayOnline thingie looks and runs at a much better rate thus far. The only trouble is that no one knows when the updating of FFXI is going to end, if ever.

Khamryn was helping me download RO last night, but it got timed out or canceled at 99%, it seems. I feel really bad for taking up so much of Kham's download time.

I'm getting to the point where boredom has invaded my attention span and I cannot finish anything.

... this icon makes my nose look odd.

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