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The Adventures of Wrenwen and Wenwren!

(Try speedily saying their names ten times over!)

Wrenwen and Wenwren are two opposites. One can poke kneecaps on a good day, the other pokes most folks at about shoulder-level. One can't choose a job for the life of her, while the other knows no other way to live than as a warrior with a very, very large axe. Wrenwen lives in the strongest country, San d'Oria, where the shops offer a nice selection, the Elvaan are extremely tall, and the bagpipes are constant. Wenwren, on the other hand, is a citizen of Bastok, which is a little poor on the shopping front and has been semi-affectionately referred to as "the New Jersey" of Vanadiel. Neither of them are known for their sense of direction, however.

It was a dark night when Wrenwen first arrived in the country of San d'Oria, determined to be the best white mage that she could be. It took a little while for her friends Belatrix and Rhysel to locate the lost little Taru. After a few quick tutorials on subjects such as, "Not having a question mark above your head," "How not to run into walls," "You're Really Short," and "This is not like Ragnarok Online," they escorted the fearsome TaruTaru out to kill some bunnies. It was soon apparent that Wren had been ignoring the "Always check what you attack" lesson, and probably the "You can call for help when you're getting your ass kicked" lesson as well. Bats caught her attention and promptly decimated her. Rhysel took this opportunity to explain to her about death, but Wren was far more concerned about the size of her rear end. Had it always been so large? Why had no one told her this before??

Fast-forward, Wren learned quickly, and life soon grew interesting. First there was one Taru. Then there were two! But the cute bunny-smacking was far from over. The Mythril Musketeers of Bastok unknowingly gained competition when the Three Taruteers organized! Sadly, their glory days were quite numbered, and they were defeated and disbanded.

On a happier note, Belatrix made summoner! Perhaps inspired by the kickassness of being able to summon glowing pets that were larger than she was, Wren developed a passion for greatness that was difficult to satiate with mere missions and quests. (In reality, both suffice, but Wren does not like to admit that it is so very easy for both to kick her ass. Just take the goddamn flyers already!) It was shortly after this realization that Wren became incapable of sticking to a job. After achieving WHM 8, she went through a stint of red magey-ness ("I did it for the sword!") and currently monk-ness ("I want to punch bunnies!").

Wenwren didn't want to be like Wrenwen. She knew she definitely didn't want to be short, start where she could confuse Galkas in the distance with Orcs, or ever have to hand out flyers, period. Bastok offered up a special ring, and thus was Wen's allegiance quickly decided.

She was horrified, at first, to find herself in such a desolate location. She felt the ring could hardly compensate for the paltry weapons shop, the lack of green, or the indignity of being laid flat by a walking sapling. Over time, though, the barren surroundings seemed to have their own sort of beauty, and she grew accustomed to her home. (This did not stop the death from coming, though.)

Wen really wanted to do some sight-seeing (she thought that something non-Quadav and non-mine would be great). What was beyond the canyon confines she had come to know? Were rabbits this prolific everywhere ...?

Belatrix, in a most gracious mood, offered to help Wen get some of her teleport crystals. Wen was thrilled to accept: a guest visiting and an opportunity to get out of the desert for awhile?? Who could refuse! With Belatrix's guidance and asskicking, Wen was able to witness a grand monument, which she promptly announced looked like a giant turnip. She also saw her first rain, her first Tremor Ram spotting, and her first elementals (which almost killed her, by the way).

While visiting the Crag again later that day, Wen got a call from a TaruTaru in the Dunes, seeking party members. She sounded pretty desperate, so Wen felt bad saying no, and she ran as fast as she could to the Dunes. It was quite a new experience for Wen, who was asked to use her archery and Provoke skill to pull monsters that wanted to rip her from limb to limb. Although that party wound up not working out for very long, she was soon invited into another. This party seemed to be better equipped, somehow, for they had a couple higher-level players keeping Supreme Dune Doom from owning everyone. There were occasional moments of peace, but most time was spent ganging up on monsters that could (and in fact, often did) kill one or more of them.

Cid accused her of having a blank look when he described the function of the blue acidity tester, but in reality Wen was quite interested (even if the little details didn't quite make sense). As she toured Dangruf Wadi, she noted the remains of trees and she wondered if the high levels of whatever were also having an impact on the local wildlife.

With the acidity tester changed and returned, she proceeded to donate every last crystal she had been saving up for future attempts at goldsmithing, but discovered that crystals were not enough to achieve Rank 3 in Bastok. Obtaining and delivering a faded crystal didn't quite do it either, so she gladly accepted another mission. The gatehouse guard refused to give her the details after she accepted, though, and instructed her to go talk to Naji up at the President's place. She did exactly as ordered. As they ascended the stairs to the President's Office, Naji spoke of Wen's new mission.

Naji: Blah blah blah.
Wenwren: Uh-huh, yeah, sure.
Naji: Blah blah blah.
Wenwren: Uh-huh, yeah, sure.
Naji: Blah blah oh I heard that you're traveling for this blah blah blah.
Wenwren: Uh-huh, yeah ... WAITAMINUTE. WHAT??

Wen had a feeling that she had gotten in way over her head, but it was too late to back out. Her feet took her through the hallways and into the presence of the "leader" of Bastok. Wen got the feeling that the fact his country was faring so poorly was definitely changing the President's natural abruptness into snappishness.

President: Call me the PRESIDENT DAMMIT.
Assistant: So sorry, Mr. Ass.
Wenwren: Wait, traveling?? What??
President: Yes, you. Travel. Get going.
Wenwren: ... yes sir! I'll die for Bastok sir, I really will this time sir!
President: Call me the PRESIDENT DAMMIT!
Wenwren: ... I'm so going to die.

Thinking about the complicated, time-consuming, and potentially very painful trek to San d'Oria on foot, and realizing that she had no idea how to get to Windurst anyway, Wen reached out to Belatrix for more information.

Wenwren: I have to travel ...
Belatrix: You're that far already? That's the one where you have to fight the dragon ...

... Wen has some leveling up to do, we fear.

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