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I've been meaning to write an entry for the past three days or so, but it's slow going when the writing process for a gi-normous post goes line by line, and consists of something rather like this:

I. Creating Your Sentence.
A. Think about your subject.
B. Try to decide if you seek an aura of "intense intelligence," "braindead gamer humor," something in between, or something nowhere near. Or maybe both. All?
C. Wonder if it is humanly possible to do multiple modes with such a subject.
D. Type out a version that seems reasonably close to what you were pondering about five minutes ago.

Insert Mental Break here, during which you skip loudly around the house and make random screaming noises. Now you are ready to proceed with the rest of the process!

II. Polishing Your Sentence.
A. Stare at your sentence. It looks weird, doesn't it?
B. Deem it weird.
C. Figure out why it seems weird. Maybe you should've picked "concisely potent" over "creative yet crushing while being a wiseass critic" ...?
D. Re-write the sentence in a style you did not previously select during Step I.
E. Repeat Step II, Detail A, Detail B, and Detail C.
F. Come to the conclusion that the sentence cannot be saved from you, and delete the poor thing before you make it worse.

Step III would be "Publishing Your Sentence," but you're getting slightly bogged down in the Details of Step II, and by the time you feel ready for Step III (usually only because you are bored with Step II), you are really back to Step I. And now you can't actually remember what you wanted to write about in the first place.

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