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This new model's got surround-sound ...

Three months shy of three years since my last reconstructive surgery on my left ear, and I have finally obtained my hearing aid. It is an out of the ear model from Unitron, chosen for cost, feature effectiveness, and color. (I have to admit I was also slightly paranoid about an in the ear model getting stuck in there somehow.)

The smaller hearing aids become, the more pricey they are ... not only are you paying for the tiny technology, but you're also paying more for your power supply ... smaller batteries, logically, have less juice in them, so you have to purchase them more often. For mine, each battery should last approximately two weeks, if I am good about turning it off at night.

My hearing aid has two modes (one for normal conversation and one for using the telephone) and four volume settings. The smaller hearing aids have options like background noise reduction, but to my understanding, those things perform best if you are deaf in both ears and have two hearing aids working together. No plastic construction can equal the trained hearing of my right ear. So, why pay for features that will not effectively increase the quality of my hearing?

The out of the ear model also enabled me to choose the color. Both the earpiece and the hearing aid itself are bright purple (my favorite), but because of my hair, it is surprisingly hard to see unless you are looking at me from the side or slightly from the back.

It is hard to describe how this changes daily life, and I've only spent one evening with it. All I have been able to say is that it is different ... the crinkling of a plastic bag is something so very familiar, yet the sound is somehow new at the same time. I held a phone to my left ear for the first time since I was a child, and I didn't need to switch it to my right in order to discern what was said. I heard Time & Temperature tell me that it was 27 degrees.
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