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I remember when I threw that suit in my closet and said, "I never want to wear it again!"

I am filled with newfound admiration for my trusty, rusty purple bike from Target, and overflowing with distaste for how totally out of shape I have become. Where I live sits at the top of a hill, see, and while going down was exhilirating and swift, the return trip up the steeper part of the incline was very difficult and rather slow (eventually I just gave up and walked my bike). If nothing else, living here without a car will be damn good for my physical health!

    Today's Goals
  • Once again, disregard personal sentiment and find the suit. (Still missing the pants, but found a skirt that'll work.)
  • Figure out how to get to/on the bus that goes to the interview.
  • Find/reinstall printer programs so that I can at least print out resumes, even if the ink is blue and the paper plain. (It came on disks. Disks.)
  • Achieve level 9 on BLM.

I'm not really sure I get this whole "transfer" concept on the bus. I mean, unless the bus driver sees you scampering from one bus to the next, just how the heck do they know that you are transferring and not trying to be a cheapskate? I'm feeling a little spazzed out right now because I do not have small cash on hand for fares, and I'm not really sure what to do about that. (Actually, I don't really have cash on hand period. But buses don't take check cards ...) I also don't think Wells Fargo has branches/ATMs in this city ... or at least, none the website could locate near me.

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