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My family called the other day to tell me that The November Incident returns; my insurance refused to pay, so I've been turned over to a collection agency. Apparently, the doctor from the small Catholic hospital located in the middle of the soy was not in their plan. It was an emergency ... have the rules of insurance no place for "kindness" or "humanity" ...? Here's to hoping we get it all worked out.

P.S. Please stop snowing, it's April.

"Behold our savage Kitty and Crossbones flag, and despair!!"

I reached a "I'm really effin' stuck" point with Disgaea (Laharl single-handedly bitchslapped Mid-boss Vyers into submission, but could not take out everybody else too), and in frustration, turned to La Pucelle Tactics. When the Maiden of Light comes to save our asses, she's going to do it in thigh-highs and a pink miniskirt.

When I started La Pucelle, I promptly got stuck again, but after a good number of restarts and a new infusion of luck, I got past that trauma and got to meet PIRATE KITTIES. Things like Prinnies and Pirate Kitties make up for SO much. Yarr!! It's almost enough to make me forget just how completely stuck I am again!

For some reason, I find the process of leveling up fairly tedious, so most of my party is on the lower end of the levels necessary to clear maps. I tend to be at the end of my rope with a lot of battles. I really dislike how the Dark Portals spew forth new enemies after a certain point ... when I'm down to a tired three out of eight party members, the last thing I need is three fresh enemies. I'm also not a fan of this entire "Make a square that's bigger than fifteen squares and have an enemy in the middle to create a Miracle/Summon" thing. That's just way too complicated! (And since the position of the Dark Portals is randomly generated, also heavy on the luck factor.) I much prefer to (attempt to) pummel my enemies into submission by hand.

I actually like Prier, the female lead. She's got spunk, strength, and intelligence. She won a lot of votes from me when she refused to accept everything in the Holy Book as truth. She is my favorite thus far, though there is competition from Captain Homard and the PIRATE KITTIES.
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