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18 April 2005 @ 11:51 am
bunny for breakfast  
Highlights of Last Week:

Feeling somewhat irritable about the entire "being broke" affair, I purchased a camera battery and started taking (bad) pictures, which cheered me up immensely.

I also decided that if the amount of money in my wallet was not likely to increase and the quality of food not likely to see improvement any time soon, then I was going to damn well enjoy those last ten dollars and get some leftovers out of the deal. Where else to go but the noodle shop that I had so enjoyed? The soup owned me and I made a mess of myself, but it was tasty. I tried the honeydew milk bubble tea, which, according to ericglass, tastes like crushed muppets. If it is indeed the flavor of muppet puree, then the bubbles must be the muppet eyeballs.

As I sat and splattered while I slurped, I noticed a duo sitting not too far from me. They seemed awfully familiar. After a minute of pondering, I concluded that I really did know them and went to go say hello. It was three_marlanas and whowantscookies! I was absolutely thrilled to meet them there, what a pleasant surprise. I am not alone here!

I had an interview on Tuesday at a department store downtown. I do not think I got the position that they had open, but that may be for the best ... can you envision me as a commission shoes salesperson in a place where a single pair usually costs more than my groceries for a week?

I was actually called by two places about possible interviews. I feel better about things now that someone has called me, even if it hasn't worked out thus far. (I called again today, had to leave messages ... now, I must wait.)

Still doing a lot of walking. One day saw me discover that it is indeed possible to get from Squirrel Hill to the universities ... this area reminds me of where I used to live ... the homes are generally kept up well, and there are bigger lawns. Other big adventures included accidentally walking to downtown on Thursday. While meandering around the universities, I decided that I would follow a randomly selected road for as far as I could; this turned into a highway-like thing where people yelled at me as they sped past. I could see the city up ahead. I felt like going for it! When the sidewalk ended, I climbed up a fairly steep hill to another road, and continued in the same direction. The area I walked through was kind of unsettling ... I was a bit apprehensive, but not afraid. It's one of those places where the homes are run down, people act at ignoring you when you walk past, though doubtless they are watching you like a hawk, and it's generally best to walk confidently, but not arrogantly. I made it through without incident.

My mother and step father came to visit on Saturday, bringing gifts of chocolate, glasses, psuedo-Tupperware, detergent, and a spice rack. (Hints at cleaning/cooking much?) I was informed (with a good deal of laughter) that I would be considered "finally grown up" when I cooked a piece of raw meat, and when I retrieved whatever has been accidentally knocked into the toilet by myself. (I thought the last bit was strange. The last time something like that happened was yeeeeaaars ago.)

I finally got pissed off at La Pucelle Tactics. I really need to level, but leveling up in the regular world is a rather tedious process that involves killing your human teammates over and over again (if you kill your monsters, their happiness goes down and they can run away, which is bad when you need a lot of them for cannon fodder). It was fine at first, I suppose, but I really like the characters and find it difficult to keep on murdering them. The Dark World is a better challenge and is great for leveling when your luck is good, but my luck ... oh, boy. You can only escape/save the Dark World every ten maps, you see, and your opponents grow stronger the farther in you go. Even when luck is on your side, this can make for a very harrowing experience when your forces are exhausted and your expendable units mostly gone. When I get to these final levels, I tend to toss cannon fodder monsters and use my (still living) characters to make a break for the exit ... this is possible when you are fortunate enough to obtain maps that do not force confrontation with narrow pathways. For several days, my luck would let me rule up until the seventh or eighth map, and then would hand me an impossible situation (often, one path to the portal, usually blocked by powerful monsters) in which I died a slow, terrible death that put me back where I had begun with levels.

I was browing around my old bookmarks, and found this. After reading it, I felt a strong urge to go back and play FFX. FFX is still way too easy (except for insane sidequests that I plan on ignoring, like dodging 200 bolts of lightning ... I much prefer watching Tidus get zapped and flipped on his ass). After getting mowed over and over in Pucelle, though, it's a nice change to be the one doing the mowing. I am slowly collecting/stealing all the items necessary to customize gear into my favorite super weapons/armor of badassness. I won't need Lulu's ultimate weapon by the time I'm done! Too much time spent on FFX-2 had made me forget how nice the music for Spira is in FFX ... I'd like to get the sound track someday.

And wow, I think I just got my first serial LJ adderperson ever.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: "Scattered Rain," Tsuneo Imahori
Justin/Traize/Rumor/Twiggyrumor0ne on April 18th, 2005 10:15 pm (UTC)
Dodging lightning 200 times is easy. My record is 2587. The only reason it stopped there is because I got bored. The bets me and my friends make <.< I won't brag anymore though, as my rpg gaming skills are S class. ::full of himself:: Just kidding...kidding..
One Who Wanders: cheerfulabiona on April 18th, 2005 10:18 pm (UTC)
I said "insane," not "difficult." : P It's hard to have the attention span for it when you would much rather see Tidus get toasted. XD
Justin/Traize/Rumor/Twiggyrumor0ne on April 19th, 2005 02:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Bzzt.
Uh huh, suurrreee...XD Kidding. I agree though, its hilarious to watch him flip onto the ground.
Katenyxdae on April 19th, 2005 07:45 pm (UTC)
Auron: It's called "Sin". As in the Judeo-Christian concept of moral transgression...

Lulu: Oh give it up, Wakka! Chappu is dead. Toast. Croaked. Cacked. Pushing up the daisies. Bereft of life. Resting in Peace. He has shuffled off his mortal coil; he has run down the curtain and has joined the choir invisible. Same goes for Sir Jecht and Lord Braska. They're all dead and there's nothing we can do about it.

that bookmark is great! Makes me want to play the game too...
One Who Wanders: zombieabiona on April 19th, 2005 08:36 pm (UTC)
Some of my favorites:
Lulu: Some techno-crazed idiots built it a thousand years ago. All the other people told them they were daft to build a city over a river, but they built it all the same, just to show them. It sank into the river. So they built a second one. That too sank into the river. So they built a third one. That one burned down, fell over and THEN sank into the river.
Tidus: But the fourth one stayed up. Right?
Wakka: No, which only goes to prove that humanity, on the whole, is dumber than a bagful of hammers.

Pyreflies: WHEEEEEE!

Tidus: Hey, isn't that a hologram of that Jyscal guy?
Lord Jyscal: Help me, Obi-Wan. You're my only hope...
Yuna: Yeah. He wants me to take care of his son.
Tidus: Ooh. "Take care" of him. As in, "plug him between the eyes with a thirty-aught-six?"
Yuna: No.
Tidus: Damn. Oh well. One can dream...

Temple Guard: Halt! No Dogs or Al Bhed allowed!
Auron: Rikku's a guardian. So piss off.
Temple Guard: Pissing off, sir...