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It took me about five hours of practically non-stop play, but I finally defeated Majora's Mask. I've actually owned the game for over a year now, but that's a minor point we'll overlook (especially since few people seem to sympathize with my early fear of leaving Clock Town, or my habit of fulfilling every deed - at least three times, lol).

Randomness - there's a set of Iron Knuckle armor behind the counter of the Curiosity Shop, and Kafei has a picture of Anju on his desk.

I'm going to talk about the ending now. If you don't want to be spoiled, please read no further. ^_^ If you've already played it, don't care, or have no intention of ever doing so, feel free to continue! I might be of amusement.

This paragraph has nothing to do with the end, but actually concerns Gyorg, the boss of the Great Bay Temple. I can't recall why I decided to go back and fight him again, but somehow, during the course of the fight, I accomplished something extremely odd. I'm not sure how I did it - but in one moment, our positions were reversed. I was treading water, and there it was - a giant, armored fish, zooming around the platform in circles.

I burst into laughter and took a few pictures, I pray that one or two turn out as proof of this occasion. I have never, ever heard of that happening to anyone before. ^_^; And now, onto the talk of the end.

From the north ... from the south ... from the west ... from the east. The figures came from all four points of Termina, and I feared that they would fall as they held the Majora-infested moon back from its suicide mission.

I have decided that after Anju, I am most similar to Tatl. I could imagine the exact look on her face as she exclaimed that Link had to be kidding her. He was going to go up there, wasn't he? But she would not go with him. That was so in character for the both of them (and Tatl's actions like mine would have been), it was brilliant. She went with him because her brother said he'd go, but in truth I never saw hide nor hair of Tael's distinctive dark color on the moon when I was up there.

The children (why do I get this feeling that they all look like the Mask Salesman underneath those boss masks ...?) were interesting, to say the least. Your friends ... happiness ... the right thing ... what is your true face, under that mask? Is that your true face?

Oddly enough, for as much trouble as Gyorg gave me before I actually battled him, I liked the child who wore Gyorg's mask the best.

"The right thing ... What is it?

I wonder ...
If you do the right thing ...
Does it really make ...
everybody ... happy?"

After finding the four masked children (interesting how you do not "defeat" them in battle, but play with them), I talked with the Majora's child. He gave me the Oni Link mask (HECK YES!!), and thought that we should play a different game - instead of hide and seek, it would be good guys and bad guys. Link would be the bad guy, and as a bad guy, you "just run."

While I have DAMN GANON DAYS, I don't think I'll be having any DAMN MAJORA DAYS anytime soon. Technically, Ganon was harder, and scarier. Majora's Mask freaked me out indeed, but Ganon was truly the more worthy opponent. I suppose that comes when you're actually constantly going about doing the world's evil yourself, rather than acting as a mind-controlling parasite ...

Sakaki Thought, During Battle -

"Oh, CRAP! It grew legs!!
... and arms!!!
... AND AN EYE!!!!
... oh crap, it's moonwalking!"

I defeated it without too much trouble, though the last incarnation of Majora was the most troublesome (as well as the most frightening). Its odd shape loomed dark against the bright walls as it whipped its thread-like arms at you, a deformation rather than transformation.

But I perservered, and I kicked ass!

"Dawn of

I had to laugh at some points during the end cinema, especiallly as I saw the head carpenter outside of Clock Town to the East. So he had fled in the end, had he? Were the feet of the leggy giants too much for him?

The Romani and Cremia spot was cute as hell. Also, (interestingly enough) I had more of a reaction to Anju's wedding scene than most weddings I have attended or seen in real life. Although I know this was done on purpose, I damned and cursed at the strategically placed Tingle, who prevented me from catching a glimpse of the full-grown Kafei. They never showed him. ::weeps:: Anju was indeed lovely, though I didn't think her dress was that pinkish when I got a chance to look at it on the evening of the Third Day ...

Well, I have another busy day tomorrow, and I should probably retire sometime soon. ^_^ Good-night, folks! ::laughs gleefully::
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