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ready for my interview

So I'm digging through my sock drawer, looking for a pair of black socks to wear with my suit. I find orange fuzzy socks, two pairs of rainbow striped toe socks, purple striped fuzzy socks, checkered toe socks, red/orange/white striped toe socks, toe socks with rainbows and a pot of gold on the heel, orange/purple/magenta/blue striped toe socks, red socks with snowflakes on them, red socks with an argyle pattern, purpley striped thigh-high socks, blue/purple/green striped toe socks, various pastel striped toe socks, and finally, white socks.

I have a feeling I need to expand my "professional" wardrobe.

I think I'll settle for looking like a dork with a white socks/black pants/black shoes combo. I have a suspicion that banks would prefer a fairly high reading on the dorkmeter over a fairly high reading on the randomosity meter. Oh Lord, I look ridiculous. Maybe I really do belong in academics, where an inability to dress yourself fashionably is ... well, normal.

I just rolled over my toe with my chair! Go me! But I'm sure the blue sparkly nailpolish will hide any discoloration that might result!

[Edit: My printer has taken to expelling my printed resumes a considerable distance.]

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