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::talking to a server which cannot hear her::

Meh, I'm getting miffed. I almost want to get a paid account here so that the thing works a bit more often, particularly when I'm at home and this is the most entertaining thing on the Internet. @_o; Hello? ::pokes:: Have you ever heard of going anywhere? I mean, let's think about it this way ... what's the point of all these journals and my own if I can't read what the heck's been said? Don't tell me you can't find the server, I mean, you just logged me in for cripes sake. You just loaded a friend's journal (after three tries)! Why is their friends list such a problem for you? GAH!

::weeps and gives up::

Even though it's not a Thursday and even though it's Spring Break, tonight was Eighties Anime Night! I watched the end of Akira (surprising how much more sense it made without the first two-thirds of it), Castle of Caglio ...

::mutters:: It did it again. I said LOAD, dagnabit! ::curses::

...stro, and I rewatched a bit of the original VHD, fastfowarding through the Doris part and just enjoying the nice "let's-look-at-D-from-every-angle-as-he-rides-on-his-mean-two-legged-horse". ^_^

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the cast of Castle of Cagliostro, and for the most part, liked the movie itself. I can definitely see where the artist of Air Raid gets a lot of her inspira ...


... tion. I feel like a soccer mom or something, "complaining" about how her kid isn't getting enough time on the field. Ah, crap. Hopefully this entry will show up. If not, I guess tough luck, 'cause at this rate I'll never know. @_o;

The bloodwork came back today, and everything in that regard is a-ok. I got my hand and wrist X-rayed today, and the results of that should be in by Friday (if a call from the doctor is not received by noon, please inquire at the office).

In other technical news, my research paper is officially screwed. I don't know what I want to do ... I really don't know. I was going to go with this one professor's suggestion, but I worry that the teacher I'm writing this for will accuse me of writing a glorified book report, since I la ...

::weeps:: I hate you.

... ck a "relationship" to research. I have to have two research responses by Tuesday ... I'm sure I can fish something up, but this is really worrying me. I have to know what I'm going to do pretty damn soon, since I need to write an abstract on the whole shebang and fill out several forms by the 25th. -_- I apparently get to do a presentation on it in front of many people! Aren't I one damn lucky scholar?

I spent an hour or so at the county library today, wasting my time and driving myself nuts. (Why the heck do they NOT have CHAIRS at the computers??) Everything that I accomplished (which was little, despite the amount of time it took) could have been accomplished either at school or at home. Everything which I would have liked to obtain a copy of does not exist within the system, and lies elsewhere within this country - a bit beyond my grasp. I don't want it that damn bad.

::sigh:: Anyway ... they supposedly let us know next week whether we got into the JMS Program or not (the next step up for Freshman Honors Scholars) ... I find myself hoping that I didn't make it, even though I applied of my own volition. I don't want to do this again for a two-year stretch.

I've been feeling nauseous all day ... it isn't a matter of becoming tense with stress. I'm like that 24/7. I can live with that ...

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