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Sunday started off with a shriek that kept on going: apparently, an alarm went off on the third floor. Someone took the keys home, so now, no one could turn the terribly high-pitched sound off! Why there is only one set of keys and/or why they did not manage to reach this individual, I will never know.

I began the day thinking I was to work in Ladies Fragrances, but I was shifted back up to the fourth floor, where I had spent all Saturday. I was bored senseless in fifteen minutes or less, but I didn't get much time to angst about the red dress, for an associate down on the first floor had gotten sick and I was sent to cover for him. I wound up being the only salesperson in the entire department, covering ties, dress shirts, underwear, sunglasses, and cologne. This had the potential to be really bad, but over all it was a quiet day and the gentlemen who came in were nice. (I had a long conversation with one about ties ...) It was so much easier than women's clothing ... dress shirts come in packages, and they stack so nicely! No worries about little straps getting tangled, none of those wide open necklines causing the garments to fall off the hangers. Thanks to their rigid dress code, men have it easy!

Due to a fluke, I wound up having this entire week off. Rather than focus on how much more broke that was making me, I decided to make the best of it, and erikadoor and Gene agreed. So, after work, I hauled two suitcases over to the bus stop. Getting on the bus to the airport was an exercise in embarrassment, for as usual I overpacked and almost tripped up the stairs. But I made it, and arrived at the airport without a hitch. The airport here is so cool! They had a little shuttle thing that took you to the terminal area, and they have put an "Air Mall" in all the terminals ... I found a "funky" sock store. Yay for socks! I'm not really sure if the pretzel I got was worth 2.19, but the male attendant stuttering that he really liked my shirt and how awesome it was, was. Amazingly, the plane boarded on time, departed on time, and arrived at O'Hare twenty minutes early. Only downside is that somehow, the airline managed to put a hole in my purple luggage.

I have been introduced to World of Warcraft. An experiment featuring elves with ears so long they can take out innocent passerbys or maybe enable the elves to take off like airplanes, World of Warcraft seems to basically be about beating the shit out of things. I can deal with this! Thanks to LJ's picture thingie, I've started a gallery of my sassy warrior Troll, Thirbelg. Time to go axe some more boars into submission and smack some Lazy Peons!

Since we're here, erikadoor, Gene, and I are thinkin' about droppin' by A-Cen, most likely on Saturday, possibly on Sunday. Hooray!

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