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Panda buns have chocolate brains!

I am back in The Attic. The return journey featured bagel sandwiches of super tastiness, waaaaay too many Koala Yummies cookies, and a strawberry smoothie with a mysterious protein additive. On the whole, I really like the airport out here ... except for the baggage claim system. Everything else in the place was quick and you could zip right through (whee for moving sidewalks) ... but I swear, I stood around with ten other flights for about forty-five minutes, watching unclaimed bags go 'round and 'round, waiting for my luggage. My largest piece of luggage, who came away with a puncture/scrape zone en route to the Windy City, took yet another wound on the way back, probably a symbolic act representing the second leg of the trip. I shall have to purchase new luggage tags the next time I fly, for my purple suitcase could not tell me where the oh-so-important address half of the current set had snapped off.

While walking home from the bus stop, I informed the entire neighborhood that we should all be damn happy that luggage now comes with wheels, and that if mine didn't come with wheels, I probably wouldn't make it home. But it did, so nobody had to worry about this, because I was going to make it up the hill, goddammit, and no gravity or moving vehicle was going to stop me!!

The employee discount at my department store is through the credit card. Though I had not wanted to deal with it, I eventually talked myself into signing up for it because I thought it would be an easy way to build up a good credit record. Letter One informed me that I had been denied because I had no credit record. All right, thank you. Letter Two, amusingly, enclosed a card. I almost had a good laughfest, but then I read the details on this specific version ... apparently, it's a pre-paid system somewhat like a bank card. I have to pay them before I use the card, to create a balance that I can draw from. Lame.

A week and a half spent staring at whatever hugeass resolution Gene has on his monitor makes my 1024x768 feel like 800x600.

Now that I'm back, I feel like I have so much to do ... I have no food, so I need to shop. I have no clean dressyclothes, so I need to do more laundry. I have no room, so I need to clean, in order to reclaim it. I need to go to work. I need to call the lady back and rearrange my interview. I need to go to the bank. I practically need a checklist! My room is such an effing mess. Honestly. I'm really thankful I managed to put out the trash and do the dishes before I left, otherwise I'd just be completely overwhelmed by the task that has cluttered up before me. Some amount of disorganization is typical for my abode ... but I usually have a pathway to the necessary things like the computer, the consoles, and the bed. Do I currently? No sirree! It's every body for him or herself in this place!! What, you want to get to the sock drawer and have both ankles intact by the time you make it there? Hahahaha, good luck to you. You'll need it.

I think I'm going to cut my hair short again. When erikadoor and I find time/money to finish our Oniisama E costumes, I'll just get a wig for Nanako ... I'm seeking justification for hacking what I've grown off again, of course, but conveniently remembering what a challenge it was to get my hair to hold a curl causes me to think that perhaps, fake hair would pose less of a time-intensive problem. (A tiny voice in the back of my head tells me that while it is true that my hair is fairly straight and likes to stay that way, it was also badly chlorine-damaged during those years of roles that required sausage curls, and so now that it isn't, the situation might now be different. I tell it to hush! It cannot sway me with such logic, dammit.)

My list of "Greatest Human Inventions" currently includes things like: wheels on luggage, chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a lot of other stuff that I can't quite recall at present because I am too busy spazzing about how awful my room looks. I really should clear off my bed and hit the hay, though, for I must arise at an unholy hour to serve the demons one encounters in the course of retail work.

[Edit: I just found four of Anna's beads loose in the suitcase the costume wasn't in. Okay, I can imagine the necklace coming unstrung, and I have the materials necessary to fix it, but the thing is ... well, they weren't there last night when I packed it, or this morning when I checked it again. How the hell did they get in there, what broke, and is something missing? I am perplexed. I think I shall leave solving this potentially vexing mystery until tomorrow.]

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