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work + stale carrot cake + refrozen ice cream = 22

Yesterday's great discovery was the existence of an "employee lounge" tucked away on the ninth floor, down a dingy hallway and next to the women's restroom. The ninth floor isn't the most attractive or functional space in the store, as it seems to have been adapted to various purposes over the years without a redesign in decor or structure, or, in fact, a designer period. Likewise, the employee lounge is a little less than attractive according to "modern" standards, but it is complete with a microwave, fridge, and vending machines. Though candy remains ten cents cheaper across the street, I can now bring my own food and save a bit of money.

I also learned that we might get a three day "casual wear" weekend at work, providing that it follows a red, white, and blue color theme for the major sale. This would mean that jeans of glorious comfort are permissible, as well as things like tennis shoes. Sandals, shorts, and printed t-shirts are still off-limits, but I will enjoy this small break in the routine of nylons and heels for as long as I can.

Today, I tried to follow my plan known as "Taking Care of Things." I went to the bank and brandished three checks at the teller: a six dollar return on my taxes, a twenty-two dollar paycheck, and a fifty dollar check from my grandmother, who always writes "void after 30 days" on her monetary gifts to me, because apparently I once neglected to cash a check for two months. I barely remember this episode, but her memory of it seems to be more vivid than her now ghostly handwriting.

I visited the grocery store as well, returning with victuals of the microwavable sort. Now that I actually have food that does not require me paying attention to cook, I find that I am binging a little, and eating when I am not particularly hungry. I should exercise more self-discipline!

Remaining tasks: cleaning room, doing dishes.

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