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More smooth movin' from the person who once couldn't find her keys because she was standing on them: Thursday, I forgot to wear my watch to work. Since we have to write down the time for every "fixture" we scan ("fixture" generally translates into "shelf," "box" or the plural thereof, "hanging rack," or "bigass pile"), I was checking my cellphone frequently, which caused the batteries to die extremely quickly. When I got home that evening, I plugged the phone into the charger and went about my business. When I woke up the next day, I discovered that though I had plugged the phone into the charger, I had neglected to plug the charger into the electrical socket.

I was so bone-tired yesterday, I went to take a nap at seven p.m., but didn't arise until my alarm went off this morning at five-thirty a.m..

While at the store, I get the job done. I never feel like staying there, however, and so I take any excuse I have to get the hell out early if they are willing to let us. The others can have the damn hours! Accordingly, I am milking this cold for all it is worth, which really has no precedent in my behavior. I have gone to school with the flu. I have given presentations and taken finals with bronchitis and a 101.4 fever. Prior to this, the only thing that could really make me stop attending to my "employment" were cramps so bad, they would make an elephant double over ... and yet here I am, using the slight icky of the cold to justify escaping an hour or two early.

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