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Dear Planet Earth and Assorted Recycling Gurus Who Live There,
Normally I turn the water off while brushing my teeth, and I put water bottles and plastic containers in with the recycle. But today, I committed a terrible sin, for I sent stuff to the landfill that won't decompose within my lifetime, or probably during anyone else's.

You see, I decided that today was a good day to clean out the fridge. I discovered a quart container of milk that I had forgotten about. Though it was nearly empty of moo juice, it was still swollen, as what did remain in it had expired a week ago. I've never actually seen a jug of milk look that funny before, as I usually down all the contents before they go bad. I could've put up with the supposed smell and emptied it, rinsed it, and put it in the recycle. But instead of being an adult about it, I put this time bomb in a trash bag, and stuck it in the garbage can outside.

I'm very sorry.


Apparently, my model viewer does not have Shantotto doing her trademark evil laugh. Now how am I supposed to make a silly CG of Shantottozilla?

In other FFXI news, Wenwren is finally level 56 (as long as I do not delevel), and I'm wearing my pants of pure awesome and my current dream body piece, the Shaman's Cloak. The two don't really go together, but I am already so sold on the stripey pants, and I do like the random pink pouches on the back of the cloak ... so I am not inclined to get rid of either for a more matched look.


On a whim, I went and looked at's control panel. I don't often check up on it, so I'm not really knowledgeable on how to make it do what I want it to do. Despite that, I found what is doubtless the tip of the proverbial iceberg: I discovered that people are actually direct-linking some of my images. I find this rude, yet I also think that it is rather amusing. I used to believe that in order for people to find your webpage, you had to build "roads," so to speak, with other established websites of similiar content, and then visitors would be able to travel along them and find your site. Some of the people who are stealing my bandwidth do not follow this theory, or at least, I cannot envision such a "connection" they might have come across. (This may be due to the fact that several are in foreign languages, and I therefore cannot deciper their content.) I never believed that search engines could do much to promote a small personal site (after all, how many of them are there out on the internet?), but that is likely how many of these thieves came to find my webspace.

Amusingly, one person who direct-linked the Shaman King image on my main page did so for a DNAngel fanfic called "Thieves." Which she put on Quizilla. Because, you know, this makes perfect sense.

It doesn't appear to be a big drain on my bandwidth yet, but I get a feeling that it is a problem which is easier to take care of when it is in its baby stages. Current solutions: slice Shaman King image into multiple pieces, which should theoretically both reduce load time and bandwidth-stealers (if I was too lazy to break it up in the first place, what are the chances that other lazy internet bums are going to have the energy to put it back together?), and rename reference pictures which are being linked (Zidane is a popular one). I'm hesitant to enable the auto-anti-hot-linking system-thinger, because I'm not quite cognizant on how it works, and I do link images to Livejournal.


I started a pilates class, and have discovered that not only was pilates surely invented by some sadistic mad scientist, but I am also more out of shape than I thought. Ouch!

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