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red tape

I have an interview on Thursday morning.

This is for a job that I think I'd actually like. I'd be able to use the eight years of experience that I have under my belt, while at the same time actually learning something new from the position. Even more remarkably, this opportunity has pay that is capable of relieving my current financial morass. I suspect it also includes that strange concept known as benefits. Comforting things like "insurance," removed from my grasp last December, could be mine once more. If I get this job, I won't have to be paranoid anymore about things like my knee exploding again (how would I get around such a large area if I could not walk easily??), or my teeth all falling out (how could I smile if cavities turned my mouth into a black hole??).

Given that I've been off medication for a while, and nearing the week where I am Pure Grossness Incarnate yet still subject to the Amazing Power of Hormones, this news really couldn't have come at a better time. I was getting really tired of sending out resumes to no response to positions both in and out of my trained field. I was debating drastic (and not necessarily diplomatic) measures that were half daydream and half actual desperation. If no one will speak to me about my resume, if my follow up letters are reviewed by no one but the trash can, well then! Fine! I am not out of tricks yet, you dastardly employers! Why should I not seek out the information in person? Why not go straight to the source? Just because it isn't done? Bah! Why should I not exhibit a steel will and deaf ears, repeating the same eloquent phrases until all the secretaries melt away and the Closed Door thus opens?? Why, the one manager/H.R. person responsible for ignoring my existence would be forced to come out of their office! Why can I not pester them with steely questions until it is revealed that their neglect was a complete mistake? Cue hiring, curtain call, and cast party.

I wonder where the line is between "optimism" and "getting my hopes up." One implies a positive outlook. The other seems to suggest incipient failure. I want to stay on the happier side. I would really like this to work out. Therefore, it is time to reread interview tip books. It is time to go out and purchase new mascara that does not cause my eyes to burn when I wear it, for we are going to put on the Professional Face and click the Business Woman Heels. I must practice speaking so that I do not go in there and sound like a one person pity party, or reveal just how upset I can get when I "work from home."

I must translate "HIRE ME NOW! FOR I AM TEN KINDS OF COOL!" into lingo that an interviewer would appreciate.

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