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my arms seem unusually bony today

I still haven't gotten into the swing of fall, and am too often outside without the proper garments. Thursday morning was much colder than I expected, and though I had donned my sweater on the way out, the wind found it no barrier and chilled me to the bone. I had a general idea of where the print shop was, but I did not know its precise location. I had hoped to take a very confident-looking, deliberate pace while I explored. But as I was freezing my arse off, I quickly changed my mind and opted for an "OMG" scramble that led me to the Coroner's Office, asking for directions.

I arrived at the place of interview early (as usual). It went fairly well, I think, as we got along well enough and discussed this and that for about an hour. As this is a government job, though, I am not likely to hear anything further about it for several weeks.

Tomorrow, I have a "test" on Quark for a graphics company south of here. I am not really sure what this test will involve, but I am sure that they are using it to weed out candidates so that they have fewer people to interview. I haven't used Quark specifically since I graduated (or even a bit before that), so I hope it comes back to me quickly. I think I have figured out how to get to this event. It will be the first time that I have to ride the "T" train on my own, so it will be an adventure. Estimated travel time is about an hour and a half. I'd have to move if I actually got hired, as that seems a bit silly for a daily commute.


There are a lot of people who travel to New City under the impression that the residents here need to be saved. Their primary purpose is to purge us of our dark, sinful ways, thereby enlightening us to the true meaning of Love and saving our souls. This behavior is a phenomenon I never experienced while in Soy Capital, as anyone who did any "outreach work" was a student first and foremost, and while they would pass cookies out in the dorms or sit at a table near the cafeteria, you would never see them standing on street corners passing out fliers.

I find it all really remarkable (if a waste of paper, as I am not likely to be converted to anything by a trifold pamphlet). I am never going to forget the one soul who advanced "Abortion Leads to Breast Cancer." He was an elderly Caucasian gentleman who walked around wearing a pink ribbon and a sign that depicted decapitated babies. I wondered just how much he was truly concerned for women's health. I will not forget the young Catholic nuns who cheerfully offered me salvation on a free video tape. I will not forget the "Jews for Jesus" man at the bus stop, who after complimenting my smile, abruptly remarked that Jesus had to be a Jew because nobody else could put up with the crap that he did. He then launched into a heartfelt angstfest about people not accepting convenient salvation, how he had traveled far from his home and his dog to share the word of Jesus, and ended by very confidently saying that he and I, as believers, would pray for those who are ignorant. I do not think that I look more or less devout than anyone else, but as a nice girl who he would probably never see again, seemed fine to confide in. I smiled and nodded, thinking to myself that I would probably escape his attentions much more quickly if I did not reveal my non-religious nature.


You know you've become one of the resident humans when the cat wakes you up at 5:55 a.m. by sitting on you.


Seeing as I am quite surrounded by Advent Children icons, layouts, posts, screencaps, costumes, and so on, and yet have not watched the thing through for myself, I am having an urge to go and replay FF7. It was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played, and even though The Death was spoiled for me and the extreme love/hate it inspires in gamers is rather offputting at times, it is special game to me.

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