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I can't march like you!

I can only take so much of the Junon music before I have to mute the volume and skip shopping in the city, merely for the sake of my sanity. In great "Wait, what? Go NOW!?" tradition, I again ruined the parade with my subpar marching technique and awful timing.

I am experiencing an urge to add (what is now) "Old School" Yuffie to my list of "Things to Cosplay Eventually." There are just three offputting things about it: current complete lack of excess fundage that can be diverted into an already long costume list, that weird arm-thingus-of-walrus-ness that she wears, and marigold tennis shoes. Yellows don't seem to be an "in" hue at present, but perhaps by the time I actually get around to doing this, they will be. On the upside of this plan: grinning is in character, and I'd only be an inch or two off accurate height while wearing those sunshine sneakers. I'd probably pick a random/silly weapon ... like the pinwheel. Yay pinwheels!

Now, for a random observation: when other people lose weight, they tend to experience flesh reductions in areas such as the waist, hips, breasts, etc. I, being a unique individual, appear to be slimming down my elbows.

I doubt I will get the job that I had to take a train to find, but I am not much perturbed by this. The "test" turned out to be replicating an overloaded grocery store flier in forty minutes, and my perfectionist tendencies meant that I didn't get it anywhere near done. I wasn't going to just fling anything anywhere, no sir! I was going to build an accurate base to work from. Since I was completely devoted to this task, the minutes flew. I had just begun placing the many images of raw meat when my time was up! But damn, did my boxes and gradients look awesome and even!

It was a little too ... "out in the country" for me. It was far enough that I got distracted and didn't even realize the train line had come to an end, which led to the conductor turning around and shouting, "That's it, darling! There is no more!" I walked on the shoulder of the highway, noting how the buildings seemed mostly newer in construction, and a structure which surely had been a Pizza Hut at one point in its life is now nothing of the tomato sauce sort. Country is not what I am seeking right now. No number of cute chipmunks can make up for feeling at least tenuously connected to humanity by proximity.

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