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The "Goo Be Gone" is GONE!

My stepfather is doing much better now, as his fever has gone down. He has been given some medication to keep with him and instructions to go directly to the hospital without passing Go or collecting $200, should this sort of attack happen again. If he takes the meds right when he notices symptoms, hopefully the end result won't be as severe as it was when the infection was able to proceed unchecked.

I am back in New City. The train trip began on a rather peculiar note (the attendant at the station recognized me and decided that I no longer needed to present photo ID to pick up my ticket), and stayed on the slightly off side of reality until I crashed into my bed.

It's hard for most people to be coherent at four or five in the morning, which is when the choo-choo arrives here, and even I, a nocturnal creature, was having issues keeping my eyes open. Amtrak is usually quite cognizant of this fact, and their attendants will wake you before your scheduled stop. This time, however, no attendant was present in my car, no soul warned me that we were in New City, and there was no announcement over the loudspeaker. In a daze, I looked out the window, saw lights, and thought that things looked strangely familiar, but weren't we still in that flat thing sometimes known as Ohio? If the lady sitting behind me had not asked me where we were, causing me to look out a window on the other side of the train and thusly recognize my surroundings (those bridges! that building!), I might not have realized what was going on until it was too late.

The taxi home also felt a bit unreal. The cab was overheated, and the driver had on an AM talk show, which was, in complete seriousness, discussing how to identify psychic vampires by your very dire symptoms, their behaviors, and their ... I don't know, their psychic vampireness. Acute exhaustion was listed as one affliction suffered by those who have been plagued by psychic vampires, which made them seem more like a convenient excuse than any real concern.

Right now, I'm freezing. It's like fall really hit New City while I was gone, and the temperature in the attic accordingly dropped somewhere around negative ninety bajillion degrees. When I apply logic, I realize that the change is probably not so severe, but I've never been all that great at generating body heat on my own, and so it feels quite drastic to me. I am wearing many (purple) layers in an attempt to insulate myself from THE FREEZING.

It is generally not a wise idea to replace all your amazing mastered materia with completely newborn, untouched materia, and then, on a whim, go poke Ultima Weapon. This is especially true when your favored party setup contains only one person with a ranged weapon.


I have a soft spot in my heart in Samurai 7. The Anime Committee back in the soy fields did not possess all the episodes, alas, and so I have been waiting for a U.S. release. When I heard that it had been licensed by Funimation, I raised an eyebrow, but ... I've been able to forgive them for DragonballZ (sending people to the next dimension and whatnot), and so I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt with this show.

They recently released the first DVD, which, in an attempt to be kinder to myself, I purchased before I left. As I did not bring it with me, I was not able to watch it until now. I am forced to admit that it is one of the worst DVDs I've ever gotten. They have inserted a commercial for one of their Lupin movies at the very beginning, and have decided to make it impossible to skip past or fast forward through it, which is very irritating. Excuse me, but the era of VHS is over. DVDs are supposed to be about options, and when we can't even press a button to zoom through the preview, we've stepped backwards and stuck up our noses at the advance of user choice. For cripe's sake, even Disney is humane enough to give you the opportunity to skip all previews and hit the main menu.

Despite bearing no damage, the disc skips or lags constantly, making it impossible to watch. (My DVD player is not the issue either, as it can easily handle KareKano, which is much more complex when you get all the crazy fastpaced subtitles going.) The awful DVD has frozen totally, completely, and utterly, with no hope of function without a restart, at least twice. Do you know what this means? This means that I am forced to rewatch their rather bland Lupin commercial every time I try to make the disc work. Enjoying one of my favorite shows should not involve this much torture. Thumbs down, Funimation.

It occurs to me that at least half of the interviews I go to involve a two hour commute.

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