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Getting information about this bus was a bit of a challenge, as my calls to the transportation company total about twenty inexplicable minutes of hold time, and the dude wasn't as helpful as his compatriots have been in the past.

But, why let that stop me? I haul my ass out to the middle of nowhere, a place that's all the more middling because it happens to be between the city and one of the most prosperous suburbs in the area. Why are you a nowhere? You're just there, smack dab there, like a void where parking lots do not exist. Gimme a reason why you are full of houses when right next door, your fellow suburb is engaged in the act of swallowing all your money.

I don't really know where I'm to get off this bus. I have only the vaguest of ideas where I am going, but I do have two road names memorized, an address on a sheet of paper, and am lookin' for clues pertaining to these things constantly. I see a sign, which appears to indicate that one of the roads I want is <---- that way. I hop off my favored public transportation and start hoofin' it along the side of the road which was once a highway but is now just a road where people drive fast.

The terrain is tough out there, dude. They have some cruel shoulders on those asphalt lanes out there, man, and between the collapsed earth and ze lengthly triangular deposits of additional black material, I could've looked a little less odd had I been wearing hiking boots. Maybe a jogging outfit. Actually, a sweatsuit + brown steeltoed boots = disguise. I, a little like a sore thumb in my black suit, walked up one hill, up another, down and around, and what? The name of the road has changed? Oh, (go figure) I think I'm lost.

So, I call and ask for directions. Listening, listening, speaking now, oh, by the way, I'm on foot, I think it is a nice day for walking. Is it possible to get there pedestrian style? What? Nope! This position requires transportation, she says, and suddenly I have no interview, and I'm standing out in the middle of the country for no reason. (The trees are pretty though.)

So I work my way back to where I hopped off the bus.

I look down the high way. I decide the buildings look familiar. Yes, that blocky white architecture, so popular in the 80s and early 90s, why, fancy strikes me! I believe I have seen these particular specimens before! I hike another mile or two along the side of the road, and strange plants leave seeds all over my black suit and somehow get foot-long stems stuck in my socks. Upon reaching the summit (and upon seeing that there's another hill higher than this one), I elect to fortify myself with the Wendy's 99-cent menu.

I look back to where I've come from. The sky is getting much darker, it certainly wasn't that grey when I was underneath it. The streetlights have turned on, and it's only 1:30 in the afternoon. I think it might rain. This is bad. I'm not equipped for rain. While walking up hills, my lack of a coat is no issue, but sitting makes me rather chilled, and I fear that rain + wind = cold. And probably miserable. Soooo, I find a bus stop and wait. And I wait.

Fortunately, this bus stop has a roof. 'cause it starts raining as I sit in that drafty plexiglass shelter. It rains suprisingly profusely, in fact, and I start to sing songs, all the way from Italian arias to anime themes, because this action distracts from the thought of FREEZING. There's the right bus. There's me, getting on the right bus, sitting on the right bus, reading a book, and not looking back. There's me again, wet rat, scurrying to a second bus stop, waiting some more, getting on a very packed foggy bus, and then walking home in the rain without umbrella or coat. WTF, world, you were sunny this morning.

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