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Chococheer in FF7 -
Since I never got to build my Chococheer stables in FF11, I thought that I would do so this time around in FF7. Selling a single mastered All materia gave me the funds necessary to take over Chocobo Billy’s farm.

In my past playthroughs, I always thought of myself as a horrible chocobo racer and breeder. I've since come to realize that I just didn't understand how the process worked. But now I've got the system down pat! Feed ---> Race ---> Breed. This is, of course, the only webcomic around that describes how this works. Remarkably, I got what I wanted out of the fluffballs almost every time. I did have to release a few chocobos that had been expensive to raise simply due to lack of available stable space. This didn't make sense to me, as by this late point in the game, I was a millionaire! I could have, had the opportunity arisen, just added onto the building.

  • Sour: "Great" Yellow Chocobo, Female, known for her Intelligence and her habit of running into walls on the racetrack. Released.
  • Chili: "Great" Yellow Chocobo, Male, the fastest of my stables during the beginning period. Released.
  • Celery: Green Chocobo, Male, the first to achieve 999 Stamina. Still have 'im.
  • Sauce: Blue Chocobo, Male, surprisingly water-intolerant and cursed by TEIOH's presence in many of his races. Still have 'im.
  • Jello: Green Chocobo, Male, known for being a waste of a nut since I needed a Female to breed Celery or Sauce with. Released immediately after birth.
  • Pista: Green Chocobo, Female, named after the pistachio. Still have 'er.
  • Bean: Black Chocobo, Female, the first to beat my arch rival, TEIOH, in the races. Still have 'er.
  • Beer: "Wonderful" Yellow Chocobo, Male, replaced Chili. Fast bastard, big stomach. Still have 'im.
  • Grain: Golden Chocobo, Female. Flashes like a strobelight during races, beats TEIOH on a regular basis. The only one who can easily compete against S Class birds. Still have 'er.

TEIOH! I must tell you about TEIOH. This racer is a monster in a seriously bad hat, and he always rides the same black chocobo with outrageously good stats. No matter how my fluffballs increased in ability, his single bird was always above and beyond mine. (He could also change classes at will just to piss me off.) This was an incredible irritant at first, as my chocos were simply too slow to beat him. He was too fast, and his stamina was in the four digits, leagues beyond my record of 999. Sour, Chili, and Celery managed to avoid racing against him most of the time, but poor Sauce got hammered with repeated TEIOH-induced losses. It was then that I developed a grudge against him.

I first won against him with Bean, who although outclassed by TEIOH’s chocobo, was at long last speedy enough to put up a fight. It was a very close race. When Grain was born and could clock in at a marvelous 161, TEIOH’s chocobo somehow went from 112 to 177. But no matter, for his streak of 1st place victories had been broken, and though it is always a challenge against him, I now win far more often than I lose. I always win if TEIOH is not a participant.

REVENGE IS MINE!!! As is Knights of Round, which makes tonberries not so scary anymore, and which will probably enable me to fight Sephiroth without screaming about how I’m going to die going to die going to die. Knights of Round, when linked with MP Absorb (which seems to restore MP based on how much damage you do), means that Yuffie will never run out of MP ever again.

A Thought About the Sexy no Jutsu Phenomenon -
While at Anime Reactor, I noticed a number of premade, internet purchased fetish costumes. These are, of course, meant for the bedroom, but here (and at other cons across the country) they were donned in public, mostly by girls around jailbait age with body types that do not strictly adhere to society’s standards of "attractiveness."

Wearing that latex nurse outfit seems to cry out, "I'm not a kid anymore! I'm beautiful!" while hoping someone hears and agrees, making it believable to one's self. Sexy no Jutsu costumes are just a step up this ladder, as they offer this false method of self reinforcement and are tenuously connected to a recognizable character. One thereby achieves desired recognition as both a desirable sexual being (through portrayal as a sex object) and a cosplayer with creativity (usually through something short, tight, and with stripper heels or fishnets).

It seems to me that people do not yet realize that selling yourself or your assets is not the same as empowering yourself.

Katsucon Stuffs -
I am going to try to attend Katsucon 2006.
My acquaintence, ProctorSilex, and I have decided to start a Hall group for Katsucon. We are going with Blade of the Immortal, and we're looking for folks to round out our cast.

We'd prefer to avoid double-casting at the present time. Also, as long as your costume looks clean, well-proportioned and isn't made out of satin, I don't give a damn how "historically accurate" it is in construction. (It is, after all, a costume. High-heeled geta can't be period no matter how hard they try, I am afraid.)

  • Manji - ProctorSilex
  • Asano Rin - abiona
  • Anotsu Kagehisa -
  • Otono-tachibana Makie -
  • Magatsu Taito -
  • Kuroi -
  • Araya -
  • Other Assorted Itto-Ryu -
  • Hyakurin -
  • Shinriji -
  • Giichi -
  • Shira -
  • Hisoka -
  • Master Sori -
  • Tatsubo -
If any of ye on my friends list would like to participate but have never read Blade of the Immortal, leave a comment or get in touch with me somehow, and I can send ye additional reference materials or information about the characters.

whowantscookies, I just gotta say, dude! You could be SUCH a badass Giichi.

I am currently debating between this pattern (advantage: free) and the one offered through Folkwear.Com (advantage: actual pattern to cut out and play around with). I will probably wind up painting the flame pattern on the kimono ... I'd like to experiment with dying, but alas, I do not have the facilities at present. I have relocated my Skuld wig, which I plan on cutting up and modifying for Rin.

... I just managed to accidentally throw about two pounds of perfectly good candy in the trash. It is a sign of newly gained maturity that I did not scream "FIVE SECOND RULE!!" and dive in after it.
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