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be proud of your noses

I am in the process of redesigning and restructuring my domain, It currently reflects a habit of many years ... namely, a tendency to spread out limited content over multiple websites. But now, I would like to ditch the multiple subdomain idea and pull it all into one. To this end, I am poking into the realm of CSS. My requirements for this file are (fortunately) light, just some website-wide text style control. I would rather not edit every page by hand with copy/paste and a good deal of patience as I used to do in the beginning years, waaaaay back when Brainfuzz was hosted on Geocities and had no CSS or fancypants database.

I've never bothered with this before, so it's slow going. Being a visual person, I have to compare examples and upload constantly to see what my changes caused. Why is there a } there, but not there? Is that an error I see? It's too late now, but I think I should have been much more profuse in my thanks to my partner in all the group projects for my old web design class. It would've taken me weeks to produce the code he could create in days.


My test index page does not validate by XHTML Strict onepointwhatever, but you know what, I don't think I care right now. I'm done for the moment. Also, I must apologize to all senior citizens who might be viewing this future version of Linelike, but I will also have all text in 10pt type if it kills me. I will not change my mind unless I change my font. Although I love the simplicity of Verdana and how cleanly it scales, you see, I hate how airheaded it looks when it's 12pt or bigger.

The photography section on Linelike will probably be separated by years from now on, as the load time is getting a little long.

There are a lot of empty houses nearby. I was taking pictures of one the other day and really wanted to climb into it for better shots, but as it was half-demolished and there was no telling how long it had been abandoned (and I was already in the neighbor's backyard and people might think me strange and/or call the police as I was probably already trespassing), I decided against it. I wonder who these shells belong to, and if I can contact them to get inside for photos. How does one go about finding out about lost houses? Is my equipment even worth the effort at the moment?

I keep on hesitantly feeling (repressed urge sneaking out?) that I should take more pride, more care in my appearance. Expend effort to appear tailored when getting dressed. Perhaps own clothes that fit a little closer and do not make me appear short and squat. Donate my t-shirts from 4th grade to Goodwill and buy a skirt. I have to admit that I am feeling uglier than usual as of late, skin problems have developed and spread on my face, making me look blotchy without makeup. I am (overly) sensitive about these things, despite professing to not give a damn.

Feeling as poor as a brick doesn't fully explain why I find it so hard to spend money on myself.

I finally ordered a bag online, one I had been eyeing for about six months. I was galvanized by the thought that it would be especially useful for when I am on the train (how I most often return to family for holidays). Yesterday, I discovered the charge has still not gone through the bank, despite having been made five days ago, and there being more than sufficient funds to cover the expenditure. When I attempted to reach someone via phone, as I would not have been able to make it to a branch prior to closing, I was faced with a most incredible phone tree. How irritating! I had, at long last, purchased something I had wanted, and now I was foiled in my purple purse plans?? My patience was not the equal of this verbose recording. I will have to go make inquiries in person on Monday.

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