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Mostly done!

If you've got a link to Cosplay.Linelike or Hammerspace, it's time to update!'s redo is almost complete. It is functional as is (cross-browser, too!).

What remains is mostly behind the scenes organizational things (cleaning up duplicated files, fixing links in my past journal entries, etc.), nitpicky things (since cosplay and artwork were originally on separate sites, thumbnail sizes and some text formatting are different ... I'd like them to be uniform), linky things (should make banners that say linelike), and color things (there was, of course, a color shift when I moved the circle artwork files from CMYK to RGB ... while I like the slightly muted version that resulted, I'm debating going back and fixing them to their original hues ... might opt for a darker text as well).

Since I separated photographs by year, I realized that I only had three photos uploaded for the year 2004. Didn't seem worth making a page for those particular three photos, so they went bye-bye. I will probably also delete my online RO files for the time being. It's been so long since I posted to the ROLJ community, the entries are hopelessly buried (and half of them linked to Mystorion, which is no more). My little Miyazawa shrine shall go kapoot too, for although there is a definite lack of KareKano sites available on the web, I have very little interest in maintaining one. Currently undecided if I should get a new guestbook or use the old one from Hammerspace ... or just ditch the idea entirely.


I'm getting to a point where I don't even remember what I applied for anymore. So, a lady called and asked if I would like to interview, and of course I said yes! But who the heck this is with, I do not know. She said she'd send a letter confirming everything, so hopefully something will trigger my memory.

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