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Heeeeeelp meeeee!

I have that song stuck in my head! As far as I am aware, only two people in the entire world possess knowledge of this tune. As I am well acquainted with both these individuals (one is myself, the other my mother), I may post the "lyrics" without fear of infecting innocents. Even if you are blessed with a naturally positive personality, you will, perhaps, be able to see just now maddening this jingle can be.

Cheer up cheer up cheer up cheer up smile a while! Smile a while! Isn't gonna hurt you! Isn't gonna hurt you! Smile a while. Smile a while.

... speaking of my mother, she was just on NBC's nightly news.

[Edit: I've figured it out, the "Cheer Up" song is actually good ol' Frère Jacques. With perkier words.]

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