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Highlights of the Chicago trip are as follows: For New Year's, erikadoor and I went to a party hosted by the kind and supremely stylish Eron and Mel. Wandering around the art museum on free Tuesday. Creating endless silly characters in Soul Calibur III. Making a detour through Michigan while trying to get back to Indiana.

More detailed entry on these moments (perhaps) pending. Currently cramping.

I found a copy of "The Lively Art of Writing" today, and had to purchase it. The last time I saw this thin tome was my freshman year of high school. I do not recall much of it, though I do remember that you shouldn't use "type of," nor should you put "however" at the beginning of your sentences, that the version I had in high school had been rebound in blue, and that the section against passive voice was (one of) the bane(s) of my 9th grade existence. I was cranky during that time, and so I decided that I liked passive voice and no damn book was going to tell me otherwise! I was going to use it no matter what the text or the teacher said ... or at least I wanted to reserve the right to. I wished to write as I pleased. I bickered by ignoring essay requirements. I have a vague memory in which I refused to pay attention to the assigned topic, a paper about some symbolism or other in "The Scarlet Letter." Instead, I described every reason why Nathaniel Hawthorne's work is quite dull.

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