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12 January 2006 @ 06:50 pm
Thanks to awakesoon, you get a meme!  
Five Random/Strange/Weird Things about the Geeked Avenger!

1.) I used to collect soap. It was all strictly unused, of course, but I always removed the soap from its wrapping, so the cabinet I stored it all in was very fragrant. The gem of my collection was a purple and white shell-shaped soap that my grandmother bought in Hawaii.

2.) I use almost everything with my left hand - except for scissors. As a child, I hated the low quality of left-handed scissors, for they tore the paper instead of cutting it. I trained myself to use right-handed scissors, and now I can't change back.

3.) In the third grade, you could not get me to write. I compiled joke books instead, which were very easy and also popular with my classmates. When pressured to add more detail to my work, I finally produced a masterpiece titled "Alien Art." It was about someone trying to find the person responsible for an award-winning, yet remarkably ugly modern/minimalist painting. The perpetrator turned out to be, of course, from outer space ... for who else could make something so yucky?

4.) I played the snare drum in elementary school band. I picked it as my instrument because I thought, "Unlike the piano, this thing only has one note! This'll be easy!" That turned out not to be the case. Whatever semblance of rhythm I have now, however, can be attributed to those two years of wishing I had chosen something else.

5.) Three of my most precious objects are toys. DeeDee is a blanket I've had since infancy, and has been so beloved (and also gnawed upon) for so many years, it is now "enshrined" in a glass box. Fluffy is DeeDee's successor, a white plush cat who used to be quite fluffy (go figure), but has been loved nearly into being Real (a la the Velveteen Rabbit). She's now known for her gnarly locks and her bald spots. Mary is hand-sewn rabbit in a beautiful red dress, a special gift I received before going into surgery for the first time at age seven. I was still in daycare at the time, and I had always wanted a red dress ... Mary's attire was no coincidence! My caretaker thought I could use a buddy for comfort. She let me pick the color of Mary's eyes (brown), and the surgeons were kind enough to let me keep her with me, even when I unconscious.


I don't know how I feel at the moment. Anxious, perhaps, but in a potentially positive way, as though things just might look up sometime soon. I went to great lengths to send my resume to a couple of graphics-related positions, and I feel surprisingly hopeful about those. I also got called back to the place where I did data entry for awhile, and at higher pay, too! Apparently, they called and requested me specifically, and if I prove myself capable during a trial period, they might hire me permanently. There are no guarantees, of course, but when your supervisor says that they are "grooming" you for a job more advanced than just data entry, one begins to suspect that there is little competition.

Since I am not foolish enough to go to a con at the expense of real life, my Katsucon plans are slightly altered. I can't ask for time off during this trial period, in which Katsu falls. So, I'll likely be flying in Friday night after work, instead of Thursday.
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Emily: Ryoko Blushetoileeyes on January 13th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
Good luck with the job, I hope it turns from temporary to permanent for you or it stays around until you find something better. I hope Katsucon is fun as well. Have fun!