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27 March 2002 @ 12:50 am
More in the (Ragnarok) Life of Sakaki Taiyou

The Adventures of Being Dead.
I think that in Ragnarok, you should have respect for the dead. I mean, the only way to die is painfully. It took time, effort, and probably a good deal of trekking to get to that place of execution (to borrow a term from Rurouni Kenshin). People in Ragnarok, however, have no respect for the dead. At least three people tromped all over my corpse, one sat on me, and even Shoten seriously considered looting my pockets. Innocent Acolyte? Hah!

But that's not all. You can talk when you're dead, too! The first conversation took place right after I became deceased but was still speaking to my team members only, meaning that anyone other than Shoten or Silvermask could not read my responses. I didn't know this at first until Shoten informed me of it afterwards.

Person1 - hay u
Person1 - r u sleep
Sakaki - Yes.
Sakaki - A very long and permanent sleep.
Person1 - ???????????
Shoten - She's dead ...

Person1 then said the equivalent of "f*ck off" and left. But, lo and behold, he returned moments later (and yes, I was still lying there). I took full advantage of my secret communication! Kind of.

Person1 - help me
Person1 - help me
Person1 - help me
Sakaki - Hell no!
Person1 - help me [Shoten's name misspelled]
Person1 - help me [Shoten's name misspelled]
Person1 - help me [Shoten's name misspelled]

... uh-huh. Yeah. Next up, I came out of the team-only conversation mode to interact as the most verbose corpse ever with a well-intentioned, easily-distracted, and perhaps INT-low mage.

Person2 - you okay
Sakaki - I'm dead.
Sakaki - Quite so.
Person2 - um

The Adventures of Love.
My roommate also downloaded Ragnarok, and we attempted to play together. This meant, however, that we had to find the other, which can be a rather impossible task. I sat myself down in the middle of a flowergarden (complete with park benches) that just happened to be out in the middle of nowhere, thinking that it would be easy for her to find me there (it wasn't).

I wasn't alone for very long.

Indeed, I collected a harem! Soon I had four guys sitting around me, giving me heart signs and music notes and all that stuff that, based on my observation of the Sims, probably means that they were "interested" in me, or in the case of one gentleman, my wallet.

At first he only wanted 3z, but as a result of some boasting by another male, he upped his desire to 100z. I pointed this out to him, and suddenly I had an entire group sitting around me, male and female. Apparently not only is my sprite cute (I agree, and I really want to draw her sometime) and attractive, but she's really witty as well.

I said it was the flowers.

Anyhoo, I thought this was an isolated occurence, but as I finally joined with Shoten and Silvermask and traveled to the desert, another guy appeared. He seemed more intelligent than the rest, but he was also more clingy. o_O He wouldn't go. He also wouldn't stop misspelling Shoten's name ("Isoren" turned into "Isorean," or something of that nature). I wondered if he was implying something by that.

Then Shoten and Silvermask wandered off, and I was left alone with this dude. Great. He inquired about them and their whereabouts, and then suddenly plunged into "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up."

Cripes. I almost became a psudeo-career-counselor, but I concluded our conversation by telling him what I planned to become and walking off. Then I got killed. Twice. Fzzt.
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
One Who Wandersabiona on March 28th, 2002 01:11 am (UTC)
Wai! I'm an archer now! XD

In order to become an archer, you must visit the town of Payon, in which the Archer's Guild is located. I made the trip to Payon with some difficulty - Silvermask escorted me for the first leg of the trip, but for the second I was on my own - and believe you me, in those woods, I got lost. o_o After a long while, I finally made it into Payon ... located the Archer's Guild no problem ... but didn't know where to go.

Silvermask neglected to tell me about a "hostile" area, and I unknowingly found myself in it. I died, without ever knowing what hit me ... which meant repeating that long, long trek.

But I did it! And I'm an Archer now! At this moment currently Basic Level 10 and Job Level Four. I'm gonna be kick-ass!

I still sit cutely, for which I am glad. Since I am an Archer, my hands are clasped when I sit. I love my new boots. I kind of liked the look of the Novice sprite better, but that's because I'm attached to dangly things, of which the Archer ensemble has none.

I need to start working with my other character Espria soon ... she's way behind Sakaki, considering I only played her when I couldn't play Sakaki. Espria's going to be a mage. ^^ My third and final character will either be a Merchant or a Thief, I haven't decided which.

- meiel
Kokorytakokoryta on March 28th, 2002 05:07 am (UTC)
Cool, where can you download the game and what are the computer requirements?
One Who Wandersabiona on March 28th, 2002 05:56 am (UTC)
Well, here's the official site -

You'll have to register for an account there. You can download the program either there (what I did, though it takes awhile it's pretty easy) or here, I think:



- meiel
One Who Wandersabiona on March 28th, 2002 01:05 pm (UTC)
Also, here's what you need to do after you log in and create your character -

You'll appear in the "training grounds," which are usually pretty busy and thus laggy. Walk across the plank bridge to the castle, and keep on going straight that way until you reach a glowing door. Walk through that, then stand in front of the desk you'll find in there (this place is usually really crowded, so it may take a bit). There's an NPC who looks different standing behind the desk ... when you mouse over him, the word "Usher" should appear, as well as a bubble with "..." in it. Click on him once. Select the Direct to Ragnarok Option. This should do it, but sometimes you have to repeat the process again because of lag. ^^; Hope to see you in Ragnarok!

- meiel
One Who Wandersabiona on March 29th, 2002 10:20 pm (UTC)
More Ragnarok Updates -

Well, early this afternoon I was playing as Sakaki, and by fortune of fortunes Bijin and I made our way to Izlude, which is entirely across the map from where I was, and I was finally able to purchase some arrows (I had run out, and had to punch things to death. o.o). We joined up with a couple of friend-users, Valquest and Lai-chan, and decided to quest to Payon. Valquest was our guide, and Lai-chan, being the most experienced acolyte (Bijin Hime is an acolyte now too), healed us when we got in over our heads.

We had just made it to the desert when we all were disconnected from the server, and I haven't been able to log in as Sakaki since. I thought I might play as Jonquil, my third and final character, but the training grounds were so lagged, I lacked the patience to tolerate most of the morons in there. So, I played as Espria - who, fortunately, was not in Prontera (the Prontera server was down). She was all the way in Izlude. >.>

Anyway, after awhile I worked my way up to Prontera Field, just south of the city itself. I asked some people if Prontera proper was still down, not wanting to go in and then be unable to play entirely, but they didn't respond. I wandered over a bit and sat next to user TanukiDoll on a bench, and inquired with him about the fate of Prontera. He didn't know, but we started talking, and eventually we decided to go level up together. To make it easier for me to follow, he ditched the team that he was on and made one for the two of us (entitled "Nevermore"). He liked to do this thing called "tanking" (I had no clue that he wanted me to attack with him when he first did it), where he would attack powerful enemies first so they'd hit him, and I would then join him in fighting it. He led me all the way from Izlude to Geffen. ^_^

He also gave me a nice dirk!

Sooo, thanks to all his help and a lot of time today, Espria is now a magician. ^.^

- meiel
One Who Wanders: negativeabiona on March 30th, 2002 02:27 am (UTC)
Blah. Ragnarok Fanboy Troubles -

Ragnarok is host to a hoarde of idiots. At first some were rather amusing, but as I encounter them more and more often, doing dumber and dumber things, my patience is lessened. o_O Here are some of the problems I had with what TanukiDoll termed the "fanboy" ...

I sat in a secluded spot in Geffen, hidden away visually, when suddenly a guy came up and sat down next to me. I told him publically that I was "going afk, don't waste your time." Another guy, quite in range to see that message, comes over, sits down, and says "hi," "you beautiful". Moron.

Oh, and the word "stuffage" is censored on Ragnarok as an insult. o_O What the heck is up with that?

But before I forget - and I couldn't, it was so sadly humorous I had to write it down by hand - here's the case which has introduced me to a new definition of pathetic. -_- FYI, I don't know the type-command to ignore users. All I know how to do is when I see them, right-click and select that option. As I was on a different part of the map, I couldn't see this idiot. Comments indicated by asterisks.

Star light - what you name
Espria - Espria.
Star light - last name*
Espria - I'd rather not say.
Star light - ok idont mind
{pause, Meiel is not initiating communication}
Star light - do u have boy friend?
{pause, Meiel asks "what business is it of yours?"}
Espria - Why do you ask?
Star light - may be i can be
Star light - your boyfriend
Espria - No.
Star light - T_T nooooooo!**
Espria - You'll live. I'm a miser and I'm antisocial.***
Star light - how is your age?
Espria - My age is doing well, yours?
Star light - me too
Star light - but i really want some girl friend
Espria - Tough luck. You're not going to find it here.
Star light - especially alian
Star light - i know but in my dream. my world is here****
Star light - n u r my w.orld
Star light - u ok
{Meiel, having given up on getting the message through, proceeds to ignore manually.)

* ... he bought it. o_o;
** So, he can use the shift key for a smiley, but not for regular capitalization?
*** Hinting, "I'm not going to give you money, or anything else."
**** So, basically, because he can't get an alien, he'll settle for some random girl he picked out in an online RPG?

- meiel
a_for_anonymous on March 30th, 2002 02:31 pm (UTC)
Sakaaaaaaaaaaakiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! *squeals*

Use the purple haired girl icon more often, or else I'll set the armies of rabid Distant Girl Fanboys™ on you.
One Who Wandersabiona on March 30th, 2002 11:21 pm (UTC)
Sorry, Mag ... that's actually a bish. : P

- meiel
a_for_anonymous on April 1st, 2002 10:45 am (UTC)
............. I feel dirty.