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Our Respective Hobbies

I am upstairs, toiling away on Rin's red kimono.

Downstairs, Mr. Dance is busy decorating for his big Steelers party this weekend.


I almost fell asleep at work today. This is not particularly unusual, yet somehow these few minutes of near-slumber seemed much different. It was as though the stillness in the room was slowing all the blood in my body; I could barely perceive my breathing, nor could I shake myself out of this phenomenal stupor. What surrounded me was not air, I felt, it was pure weight. Though I was not quite unconscious, my mind was far from functional. All it was aware of was this dull compression of reality ... so stagnant ... so heavy ... so warm.

I was jolted out of my intense torpor when drool dribbled down my chin, for I had, apparently, ceased to swallow.

[Edit: I can't believe I just wrote about drooling while at work, but I'll be damned if I delete it, because the sensation in the moments just prior was so weird!]

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