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Sewing With Sakaki: SUPAR DINGBAT

Interim Report: Project "Make a Less Shitty Collar"

I always knew that cosplay had the potential to be a money sponge like few other hobbies do, but it finally just hit me how much of a timesink it is as well. This little piece of fabric that I am dealing with now is eight inches wide and approximately fifty-six inches long, and despite being so narrow, it's somehow already sucked in four hours: pinning, repinning, adjusting, accidental stabbings, making faces at it, and stitching. Kimono collars make me homicidal. They make me want to wear a helmet in public, pillage small coastal villages, and sack Rome.

On the upswing, this one is turning out much better than my first attempt (though this is mostly because my first go-through was completely effed up). ProctorSilex gave me some tips that really illuminated the neck-accomadating process (such as, you fold/press it thrice not just twice). On the downside, it's not done tonight, as I had hoped it would be. I'll finish it tomorrow, definitely, then the painting shall commence.

Aside from the collar, the red kosode has turned out fairly well so far. There are a lot of imperfections (.......... asdasl;dfkj damn collar), but considering the number of new-to-me-concepts I'm implementing in this costume, there's a lot I'm secretly proud of. The thing is French seamed to the extreme, which may account for some of my mysteriously vanishing time. All body panels, where the sleeve connects to the body, and the sleeve bottoms are done in this manner. Also, pick any seam, pick any seam! You'll find that it's back-tacked on both ends! Just not always as straight as I would like ...

I love the power of this particular red hue, and I wish there was more of the material that I could purchase!

Also, extremely shitty new hair pictures ahoy!
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