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The Great Katsu Panic

ProctorSilex and I have a bit of a problem: everyone has dropped out of our room save for the two of us, which leaves costs much higher than we planned on.

I am very wary of inviting random people via message boards, so I have a request to those of ye going to Katsu: if you can squeeze two people into your room, please let me know. Alternately, if your room is too crowded, and you would like to spread out a bit, Proctor and I still have our space.

We are both arriving on Friday evening (I at a very late hour), and we'll be out of your hair on Sunday afternoon. We have nothing against sleeping on the floor, should it be necessary! We're both spacially efficient, cool folks, and I, at least, am only bringing one costume with me. I promise I won't overpack!

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