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KatsuWHATcon Update

Mode of Transportation: I will be taking buses straight from work to the airport, whereupon I will hop upon a plane. ProctorSilex shall meet me at the airport, and we shall journey from the land of yellow and escalators to Katsucon.

Room: Taken care of, thanks to jezeroth and ngmaster.

Costume: Asano Rin is coming incomplete. Psuedo-obi is, at the moment, just a waistband. It is missing layers and its fake bow. (So please don't take pictures of me from the back!) I have, of all things, lost my velcro collection, and so will be sewing on snaps during my lunch break. Pseudo-geta are not worth completing at this late stage in the game, so other footwear will be worn. Carry-all bag looks pretty shitty, but will come along anyway. Icky underrobe (or the half of it that still exists) will have to be worn. Ran out of time to fix it.

But damn, does my paint job look good!

erikadoor promises me that red cotton sateen exists elsewhere, so I think after Katsu, I'm going to start from scratch and really complete Rin for A-Cen. My renditions of "kimono" have gotten increasingly less shitty, so I think next time will work out much better.

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