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Cracksucon 2006: Cosplay is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Getting from the workplace to the airport went well. I caught an earlier bus than I was hoping to, and I even successfully snagged a seat for myself, which is no mean feat on a small vehicle headed to a popular destination. Once there, I managed to stitch on 1.5 snaps before boarding the plane. The flight was remarkably quick and very pleasant, for the night was clear and I had a nice window seat. While street lights reveal a lot of economic hardship when you're on the ground, from so far up, they turn into something that sparkles. It's like looking at a tapestry covered in bits of bronze and crystal.

We landed in D.C. ahead of schedule, but the "from the airport to the hotel" stage went a little less well. ProctorSilex picked me up and we set off with the highest of hopes: finding cheap Metro parking, and taking public transportation to the con center. This was not to be! We got lost in the terminal, then quite lost in D.C. proper, and we found the local inhabitants to be a little less than helpful in our quest. There were giggling party-going girls wearing tank tops out in the cold, a gas station attendant who sat in the far back of the locked building (which somehow qualified as 24 hour because of this), and a lady with an unintelligible accent. Proctor went crazy when we kept on going under bridges instead of over them. But it was not all bad! Our nighttime tour did see the identification of a new style in architecture, "uglitarian." This describes brick boxes which often feature grated or barred windows, often seen in schools.

Once we made it to the hotel, we proceeded to get lost indoors. Does this seem like a trend to you? By the time we had successfully located our hallway, I had forgotten the room number, and had to call ngmaster to get in.

I had only sewn on one snap, which was certainly not going to keep anything shut, so after we settled in, I pinned on another and set to work. I eventually annoyed sleeping people with my endless chatter, however, and so ProctorSilex and I moved out to the hallway in the convention center to complete our last minute projects. This is where I went insane, accidentally flinging my needle over the railing and into the abyss of the stairwell a floor below. He had to sew on the last snap for me.

It was four a.m. before we finally got the chance to sleep. Saturday morning came too early, and though we did not want to get up, we finally pulled ourselves to our feet. Since we had all waited 'til the last minute to rise, there were three of us doing hair things in the mirror at once! setsuna__meioh and I got downstairs just in time for someone to push us into the group gathering, which seemed smaller this year than in past years (perhaps because ten a.m. does not sit as well with anime fans as one p.m. does).

Overall, Saturday was a pleasant experience that flew by. We had breakfast with jezeroth, took pictures with ngmaster, and saw lots of folks. I saw everyone I wanted to see, save _rosiel_ ... ah well, perhaps another time! I helped turn a roommate into a Manthra with cardboard ears, and then decided to change out of costume. Proctor and I later went out to eat with jezeroth, whowantscookies, three_marlanas, Ollie, and others. I had a great time, though I kept on dropping food bits into my lap!

I never bought a badge, so I couldn't go to the masq. Saturday night thus turned into a lazy lay-about night, which was actually quite comfortable and relaxing! How often does that happen at a con? I do not even remember falling asleep, but fall asleep I did, and so vague plans for Greek food did not get realized. I finally woke at seven the next morning, the hour at which ngmaster got up and got ready for Panda Pictures at the Zoo, and about when setsuna__meioh returned from Manwich Land.

I meant to get up at nine, but that turned into ten, which subsequently turned into ten-thirty. I finally became vertical, but only because my assistance was required for odango-dom, and checkout time was creeping up on us. We went downstairs with luggage in hand, I said my farewells to people that I spotted on my way out (here's a belated bye-bye to those I missed), and then Proctor and I stashed our belongings away in the car. Afterwards, we went to breakfast at a little place whose hot chocolate I'd recommend to anyone!

Traveling from the hotel to the airport got us lost once again, but this time we were well experienced in the ways of confusion, and our outbound delay was only half that of our Friday night inbound. We made it in plenty of time, only to find that my plane was tardy! I made it back to New City a bit later than expected as a result, but with the aid of a hot chai tea latte, I made it home with no problem ... I was greeted with a letter stating that they selected another applicant for a position I had been excited about. It feels like I'm back to the same old, same old!
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