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For My Own Reference

I'd been hating all the photos of myself in Rin, but ngmaster just posted a few of the ones he took. These make me feel as though there's hope for a non "deer in headlights" expression after all. These images also made for some happy Rin iconizing. Chances are I'll probably make more once ngmaster sends out the CDs with the bigger files/ones not seen on the website ... partially because I am developing a fondness for red lipstick.

Anyway, since I still consider Rin incomplete, I'm making a "little" post of things that I want to work on in the future.

Red Kimono Conundrum
I'm really torn on whether or not I should remake this. On the one hand, I love the way the paint job photographed, and I really have no desire to spend another 34 hours crouched on my floor at any time in the immediate future. There's also slight difficulty in that I am feeling cheap right now, and I'd have to purchase additional material/locate more of this surprisingly scarce DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint. (Random factoid: there are about four bottles of paint total on Rin. I bought the last JoAnn's out of white and two shades of blue!)

On the other, I am not pleased with the proportion-induced sleeve dysfunction that I often spot in photographs (augh, is that my flesh I spy??). This side effect of the shoulders being nowhere near my actual joints was actually impossible to notice while wearing, for some reason! But then again, I intend to make the arm harness-thingies for her Golden Wasp daggers, and having baggier sleeves might help to make this look more natural/hidden. Still, I'm not quite happy with the collar ... it's substantially less effed up than my first attempt, but there are a couple of spots where my stay-stitching is visible, and I cannot do a "stitch in a ditch" to save my life. Buuuut then again, I matched my thread so damn well, it's difficult to tell unless you're attempting to judge me for craftsmanship ... and I'm really not confident enough in Rin to stand for that at present!

Pseudo-Obi Ponderations
I must finish the pseudo-obi. This will involve sewing on the snaps in a more permanent fashion, creating a fake bow (enabling people to take pictures of me from the back!), and adding additional layers of fabric to make it look more like I wrapped it around myself.

Inner Robe
This is a must! I ran out of time to make fake sleeves/collar, so I was wearing my effed up first attempt at Katsu. Or rather, I was wearing the top half of it. The bottom half got used as a drop cloth while I was painting. I'd like to make the sleeves narrower, as they poked out of the back way too much. Or maybe I'll just make the fake sleeves/collar. I'm not sure at the moment.

I'd like to spend more time on the wig. I basically took it out of the original bag, hauled it to Katsu and did a last minute "styling" job right before I ran out the hotel door. I am somewhat impressed that I managed to achieve a reasonably straight line when I cut the bangs, but they're far too full and they are quite stark against my pale skin/red lips. I'd like to thin them out, and taper the side bits that insisted on looking iffy. Finally, having a good base to work from is also an excellent idea: a less shitty black wig cap is in my future, as is hair gel. This is the first time the hair right in front of my ears has been too short to pull back, and if one looks closely, one can tell.

These got dumped the night before Katsu, as there was just too much else to do. I'd like to go back and finish them up, as I think they'd add a lot. This will involve making the straps I never got around to ... and possibly another coat or two of black spray paint. The painting part makes me want to wait until it is warmer outside ... as my "work space" is in the back alley, where there's absolutely nothing toasty nearby.

Carry All Bag
While it's already on version 1.5, I'd like to remake this. This step might be wise to leave off 'til I have the sword made, as the bag functions primarily as a way to haul that around, and a proper fit would mean less prop hell. I want to make it slightly wider, I think ... put on a second pocket on the back, and also have a closure of some sort (I lacked this for Katsu, and it drove me nuts).

What's Blade of the Immortal without having some damn fine (and sometimes damn funny lookin') weapons? For Rin, this includes "Golden Wasp" daggers (I can't remember if she has 12 or 24, but I do recall that by the current stage of publication, she's lost 'em all), and her sword (which she winds up abandoning on her journey, but you know, it would be fun to have a fancypants sword).

While I'm blabbering on about these things, I think the goals for Manji are: to perfect the scar/fake eye makeup, make ProctorSilex wear more makeup period, spend more time making his wig appropriately pokey, and also make additional weapons (although we really have no idea how Manji hides them all in his outfit). We're thinking of tossing in a few fake limbs. We'd both like to work on additional poses for impromptu con photos.

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