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The Hazy Edge of Reality

Most of my dreams do not make any sense whatsoever, but this morning's had some actual real-life logic to it. I was "someone else," suffering from excruciating cramps, and I was trying to endure it rather than seek relief, because I didn't want to disturb anyone. I was hanging onto a countertop for support, and as I could barely stand, I looked quite pathetic. Finally, I said "I can't take it anymore," and began a search for painkillers. That is when I awoke to - you guessed it - terrible cramps! I was in agony from my middle all the way down to my knees, and meds didn't help! Had they not kicked in? Were they not strong enough? Twisting and turning to escape, yet I could find no peace. And then, in the course of my distress, I popped a knot on the underside of my rib, which made it hurt to breathe for a bit. Oh, hello Thursday! So good to see you! I always knew that at your core, you were an evil, evil day.

Also in news, my "Carrots Not Candy Campaign" is failing hardcore, mostly because I realized that it was nearing Easter, and do you know what is in stores around Easter? Why, yes! Cadbury Creme Eggs. I can wipe out a box of them in five minutes. While I have not been able to substitute the one C for the other, I do believe that the addition of one sort of vegetable into my regular diet appears to be having an effect one of my skin issues. It seems far less pronounced! This calls for further investigation.

I want to make a foray out into the world for comfort chocolate, but I am terrified of ruining my new jeans. Silly, but true. The old pair, though well worn, were dark in hue. Furthermore, no amount of washing could remove the paint, ink, and bloodstains that had accumulated over the years, so it became difficult to tell the difference between a mark a year old and one made only a few days prior. But these new jeans, they're light and 99% spotless (there is some black spraypaint on them from when I was doing the first coat on the pseudo-geta)! It's like asking me to wear white or khaki!

Oooghhhhh ... some time has passed since I had such a terrible morning, so I've (thankfully) gone from feeling like total shit to just ... miserable.

I had a random thought about Hyung Tae Kim's art the other day. The thing that bugs me about it is that his portrayal of the female figure has become hypersexualized. The skeleton is not so much a frame or a structure for the body ... it's more like a rack upon which he can display boob bombs and butts of Mass Destruction. Often, he'll even have both. His coloring is still gorgeous, but that doesn't disguise that his style has gone past the sensual to the grossly distorted.

OW! I think I'm just going to go in my pajamas.

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